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Even a stopped watch is right twice a day, but it’s also useless to you! Fortunately, whether you have a digital watch or a good-old-fashioned analog one, the team at Batteries Shack is here to get your timepiece tick again.

No expertise required. Can’t open your watch? Not sure what kind of battery to buy? Bring it to us. We’ll help you choose your battery and we’ll replace your watch battery for you right here in our store. Visit or call Batteries Shack today, or read on to learn more about the kinds of watch batteries we carry and all about batteries in your watch.

What kinds of watch batteries does Batteries Shack carry?

We carry two kinds of watch battery: silver oxide and alkaline. We recommend silver oxide watch batteries because they last longer and contain 0% mercury. There’;s also a wider variety of silver oxide watch battery sizes available, which means they fit a wider variety of brands.

Why do silver oxide batteries last longer? Because they maintain a more stable voltage over time. Stable voltage means the battery takes less time to drain. You’ll also receive a more consistent performance over the life of the battery.

We carry alkaline batteries primarily for the budget-conscious with brands that can support them.

Here’s a full list of the watch battery sizes we carry:

  • 317
  • 321
  • 337
  • 344-SR42
  • 346
  • 357/303, 1131, SR44
  • 362/361, 1158, SR58
  • 364/363, 1175, SR60
  • 371/370, SR69
  • 377/376, 1176, SR66
  • 379/381, 1160/1170, SR58
  • 392/384, 1135/1134, SR41
  • 393, 1137, SR48
  • 394/380
  • 1162/1165, SR57
  • 397/396, 1164/1163, SR59

How long should a watch battery last? Are watch batteries rechargeable?

A good silver oxide battery should last about 2 years. That may surprise you, given that the battery that came with your watch probably lasted much longer. The problem isn’t the battery: it’s the watch itself. It ages, the parts wear down, and the entire system starts requiring far more power to function. In fact, many companies recommend getting your watch serviced every third battery replacement to restore those parts to good working order.

A feature-rich watch will drain more power still. Got lights, stopwatches, alarms, and other functions on your watch? Your replacement battery may last only a year. An alkaline battery may only give you six months in one of those kinds of timepieces.

Keep in mind that generally you don’t want to leave a watch battery in place for more than two years anyway. Watch batteries can and do leak, and though the batteries are too small necessarily to make those leaks dangerous to your person, they can shorten the lifespan of your watch by exposing delicate parts to acids.

Some watch batteries are rechargeable. Whether you can take advantage of that feature will depend on the brand and make of your watch.

How do I choose the right battery size?

Your owner’s manual should tell you exactly what kind of battery you need. Can’t find your owner’s manual? Just bring it to Batteries Shack. We’re watch battery experts and can usually tell right away what kind of battery you need. We spend our time thinking about batteries, so you don’t have to.

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