What to Expect From the Fine Menu of My Pizza Place

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#1 Gluten Free Pizza Shop In Sterling Heights My Pizza Place

Whether It’s An Official Reunite, Birthday Party, A Holiday Or Just a Normal Day @ Your home.

You can complement yumminess to every occasion with the crunchy and crusty layered gluten free Pizzas from the wide mouthwatering menu choices of My Pizza Place.

Their premium range of Pizzas ensures that you get to experience the finest taste blends of their deep grilled pizzas with an abundance of creamy cheese varieties.

My Pizza Place has its outlet in Sterling Heights and serves across Detriot and surrounding areas of Birmingham, Southfield, Farmington Hills, Fraser, and Warren.

My Pizza Place is a fine dining spot with plenty of supreme fast food varieties like pizza, pasta, BBQs, salads, subs, grinders, and much more to choose from.

Menu delights from the outlet

Whether you’re in for enjoying those juicy nuggets or crunchy chicken wing dishes, you’re just in the right place for tantalizing your taste buds with extensive variety delights listed on the menu.

The House specials are must try for any avid food lover with both fresh veg and non-veg varieties like the Veggie Fresh Medley, Deluxe Cheeseburger Pizza, and the smoked BBQ Bacon.

The menu hosts other mouthwatering varieties like the Margarita Za, MPP Special, subs like Turkey Club, Chicken club, deluxe and a lot more. You’re just got to experience their gluten-free Pizza range if you’re not planning on having your regular pizza.

The Premium Meal

When it comes to their best offering, the Baby Back Ribs shouldn’t be missed as this tender and the juicy recipe is possibly the best exchange for value.

The exotic dish is prepared with slow baking and is smothered with famous Jason’s BBQ sauce.

Some of their other must tries are the Chicago Style Pizza which is one of its own kind with a blobby mix of 3 parmesan, provolone, and mozzarella with double dough layering that just provides you with the extra crunch.

The slow cooked pizza is stuffed with the finest range of fresh ingredients of the local cuisine. Relish your weekends with your group while getting extra-large double cheese pizzas at discounted prices with cheese stix.

Gluten-free Pizza varieties

With many health awareness campaigns on the rise and seamless information available on the internet, people are becoming familiar with the fact that cutting out gluten from their diet can bear a tremendous positive impact on their health and the health of their loved ones as well.

My Pizza Place serves a lot of gluten-free dishes ideal for health-conscious people and particularly ones with gluten allergy tendencies.
However, missing on fast food isn’t simple and something as much loved as a pizza can’t be easily given up.

Thus, to make it simple, you can just replace your regular pizza with a gluten-free one from My Pizza Place.

The idea behind this might sound a little complicated to some, but the fact is that this is a simple replacement of wheat-derived dough with alternative options with a whole new range of mouthwatering toppings.

With Gluten-free Pizza and other menu options from My Pizza Place, it is assured that there isn’t any gluten processed even in small quantities and it is also totally absent from the sauce and toppings as well.

These pizzas and other dish varieties can be enjoyed with refreshing beverages by almost everyone including people with gluten allergy tendencies. Just build your own pizza and make an order anytime you want to enjoy that supreme taste, it’s as simple as that. our home page


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