Nona’s Pizza #2 Gluten Free Pizza Shop In Sterling Heights

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#2 Gluten Free Pizza Shop In Sterling Heights Nona’s Pizza

Top-Notch & Appetizing Pizzas, & Extremely Dependable Terms Of Service.

Currently, the industry for pizza selling firms is filled with both reliable and experienced firms having exceptional products, and unreliable ones that have poor quality items.

Therefore, in your attempt to secure the best eatery having tasty gluten-free varying kinds of pizza, it is vital you do your research on the different restaurant options you find in your area selling pizza.

By conducting a great research undertaking, you will definitely succeed in locating an eatery that does not only have different mouth-watering pizza options but one also with affordable products and great terms of service.

Here are some facts about our company Nona’s Pizza and Catering that will verify why we are the leading expert seller of pizza in Sterling Heights, Michigan and hence the right choice for your gluten-free pizza needs:

Why They Are One Of Best Gluten Free Pizza Seller in Sterling Heights

Nona’s Pizza and Catering is located in 38289 Dodge Park Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan. They are an expert eatery that sells gluten-free pizza and other food items,

all of which are flavorsome and hence will make you crave for more once you consume them. If you will consider their products when looking for a reputable Sterling Heights-based gluten-free pizza seller, there are a range of merits that you will with no doubt encounter including


1- Licensed and Bonded

Nona’s Pizza and Catering is a firm that is licensed and therefore legal. This indicates that if you will consider purchasing their delicious gluten-free pizza, you are assured you will be seeking for the products of a business that is genuine and allowed to sell a range of food choices by the Michigan state.

the business also possesses an insurance cover and this means that any kind of loss or damage you incur when utilizing our products and/or services, and which is as a result of the negligence or mistake of our team when attending to your needs, will make you get compensated.

2. Door-to-Door Delivery Services

If you will consider buying their pizza, you do not require coming to where their eatery is situated in Sterling Heights. the business offers delivery services to different places in Sterling Heights and therefore one you order a pizza from them,

be certain that the delivery service provider will deliver to you an appetizing gluten-free pizza right at your door.

3. Affordable Products

In addition to the company Nona’s Pizza and Catering promising you with a delectable food item once you order gluten-free pizza or any other type of food they sell, we also assure you that all of their products pocket-friendly and hence you can comfortably afford any that you may desire to eat.  More Here 


Location : Nona’s Pizza & Catering, 38389 Dodge Park Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48312



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