Clover Leaf Pizza; Your Ultimate #3 Place For Gluten-Free Pizza

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#3 Gluten Free Pizza Shop In Sterling Heights Clover Leaf Pizza

Cloverleaf is your ultimate place for gluten-free pizza in Detroit

And its surroundings that include Midtown, New Center Area, Southwest Detroit, Jefferson Corridor, and North End.

Founded in 1946, by Gus Guerra, the company has always set new standards by preparing delicious pizza much to the delight of its loyal customers. The company takes pride in offering the tastiest pizza,

including the uniquely square, in downtown and its several branches. It also provides door delivery in Michigan, the largest city along the US-Canada border. If you are the Metro Detroit, as it is popularly known, order your gluten-free pizza, and the company personnel will deliver it to you in no time.

What sets Cloverleaf Apart?

Cloverleaf’s flavorsome Detroit-Style pizza is guaranteed to satisfy your family’s craving for pizza.

You also get a wide variety of the delicacy to choose from; from the company’s ideal Detroit-style pizza to Romanian-rich salads to super-sized subs and delicious desserts rest assured you will get a meal that suits every appetite.

Interestingly, every food item in the Cloverleaf menu features the freshest, top-quality and hand-picked ingredients.

So, identify your preferred item on the list, place an online order and have the meals delivered to your doorstep

Unmatched Quality

Despite many attempts to copy the widely favorite Detroit-style square pizza by local mom-and-pop shops, no one has ever come anywhere close to it.

The many attempts to duplicate the delicacy further attest to the fact Cloverleaf expert chefs are doing an exemplary job.

The expertise, caution, and dedication that go into the preparation of the pizza in the company are impossible to equal. Consequently, for the original Cloverleaf

The Company’s Mission

From the onset, when Guru’s wife used traditional recipes, the company has always endeavored to make the very best pizza that Detroit and its surrounding has ever tested.

The outcome of the same is a delectable meal that keeps its happy client coming for more.

Customers admit they have never tasted anything quite like what they get in Cloverleaf and it is not hard to see why.

The thick, flawlessly crisped crust that skilled chef’s top with a layer of handpicked cheese is bound to charm any pizza lover. find out more.  

Location : Cloverleaf Pizza, 13411 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48312



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