Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

As one of Michigan’s leading battery dealers we’re happy to recommend Trojan gel batteries for a variety of applications. Trojan offers some of the longest-lasting gel batteries on the market today thanks to their intensive commitment to research and development.

These heavy-duty batteries are versatile and durable. They are supported by numerous customer testimonials around the world, and they’re a favorite of our customers right here in Sterling Heights, too.

The Advantages of Gel Batteries

We won’t pull punches here: gel batteries are far more expensive than their AGM counterparts. But it’s not without reason. Gel batteries last longer, withstand more abuse and deliver a higher power output than their AGM counterparts, all while remaining maintenance-free and leak free.

How much longer do gel batteries last?

If you take care of a gel battery you can easily expect them to last six to eight years, almost twice as long as their AGM counterparts. Do keep in mind, of course, that we do live in Michigan. Winter can be hard on batteries, so you might not get the full eight-year lifespan even out of the best gel battery in the world. You will get a solid six years, you can get a solid seven years and you might get a solid eight years.

The data sheets for each battery can provide clues, as they’ll tell you the optimum state of charge to keep your battery healthy when temperatures drop below freezing.

There are other factors too. A gel battery that’s used every day, which is never allowed to drop below 60% capacity, and which is charged up to 100% every day will last longer than a gel battery which is allowed to sit, gets discharged fully on occasion and which isn’t topped off. You can also blow your gel batteries out with improper charging (see below).

Trojan Gel Battery Varieties

Trojan makes both 6V and 12V gel batteries. Their deep-cycle gel batteries are perfect for boats and RVs, providing consistent power and a long-life span. The 6V models include the 6V-GEL battery and the TE35-GEL battery. The 12V models include the 24-GEL, the 27-GEL, the 31-GEL, the 5 SHP-GEL, and the 8D-GEL.

Are there disadvantages to Trojan gel batteries?

Gel batteries do not make good starting batteries. If you’re looking for a starting battery for your car or boat, you’ll want to look to one of Trojan’s AGM varieties instead. Gel batteries are ideal for slow, steady rates of discharge.

What about heat?

You may have heard gel batteries are less resistant to heat than their AGM counterparts. And while this is true, the way it’s presented tends to be a little overwrought. The operating temperature for the 6V-GEL, for example, is between -4 F° and 113 F°. Gel batteries would not be sold for any application designed to reach temperatures exceeding their operating temperature range.

Get your Trojan gel battery charger here at Batteries Shack

Every gel battery needs a special, dedicated charger. They charge at a lower power than AGM batteries, so if you’re buying a gel battery for the first time you can’t rely on the same old charging device you used for your AGMs. An AGM charger will overcharge your gel battery, which is one of the quickest ways to ruin it.

Fortunately, we have a full line of Trojan gel batteries in stock.

We’ve got all Trojan gel battery models in stock today

Need a deep cycle Trojan gel battery for your boat or RV? come-on to Batteries Shack right here in Sterling Heights to speak with any of our battery experts.

Select Your Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Battery Voltage 

6 volt trojan gel battery from battery shack

Trojan 6 Volt Gel Battery

Superior performance gel cell trojan battery 6v-Gel is the longest-lasting battery out there you put this battery for your solar and off-grid application and you have the best return on investment, those batteries could cost a little bit more the AGM battery or wet cell / flooded battery, but gel cell battery will live with you for a long period of time.

trojan 8 volt gel battery

Trojan 8 Volt Gel Battery

State of the art design Trojan  battery made in America, the trojan 8V-Gel battery requires no maintenance, TRUE DEEP CYCLE, you can mount this 8-volt battery in any position to fit the proper application,  use this battery in your electric golf cart, solar back up power and even in forklift for heavy-duty use if you looking for 8-volt gel battery this battery is the way to go.

trojan 12 volt gel battery

Trojan 12 Volt Gel Battery

12-volt trojan gel battery is your best friend, deep cycle Trojan  GEL battery for boat and marine, if you want to stay in water trolling or if you have pontoon boat this is the perfect battery for you sports habit, this is the best marine battery out there if you have 12, 24, or 36-volt trolling system you could put as many batteries you need and connect them together and enjoy your long ride with family or fishing time.

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