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Trojan Batteries was established in 1925 based in America. The Trojan battery manufacturer knowing to be one of the best battery company for deep cycle, flooded, Gel and AGM batteries. So furthermore  the company is really knowing for there deep cycle batteries such 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt.

Also Batteries shack proudly Trojan Battery Dealer in Michigan stocks full line of Trojan batteries USA made in our retail location. So next time to no need to search where to buy Trojan batteries give us call and we will provide the most affordable price to supply your needs.

trojan battery dealer

The Year Of Trojan Golf Battery Inovation 

The company started making golf cart batteries and developing deep cycle battery technology for golfers and golf industry in 1952. Due to there success From there Trojan battery company sales went to the roof for there deep cycle and renewable energy solar batteries. In addition Those deep cycle batteries most popular application be use in floor scrubber, forklift, scissor lift, Rv and motor homes plus marine & boat application. Trojan battery company headquarter in Santa fe springs, California. Manufacturing battery plants in Georgia and California. They have one of the most advanced development test center specify for there to deep-cycle battery technologies. The company also have international branch located in Euopre, Uae and Asia.

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Trojan flooded deep cycle battery

Trojan Flooded Battery

High quality rugged longevity, magnificent perfomance plus long life, Trojan’s flooded fully deep-cycle ideal for variety of for golf cart.
Trojan AGM deep cycle battery

Trojan AGM Battery

Introducting trojan’s reliant agm with c max technology, which offers extraodinary performance resulting in longer battery life. handling any kind of weather.
Trojan Gel deep cycle battery

Trojan Gel Battery

Trojan’s Gel Deep-cycle Battery are 100 percenet maintenance free also require no watering, gel batteries proive long lasting runing time
trojan re renewable energy battery
Solar Line signature also know as smart carbon batteries, which it has very low rate of discharging, off-grid resdential that has no electricity  they rely on trojan.

Where Can i Buy Trojan Batteries 

We get lots of question and phone call from customers all over michigan asking do you guys sale trojan batteries or can you guys order trojan batteries are you trojan battery dealer or where can i buy trojan batteries.  The answer: is yes: we do both we stock most of trojan deep-cycle batteries localy and if for any reasoun we don’t have the battery you need we should have battery for you wihin 1-2 business days.  So About 90 percent of calls comes to us customers requiring batteries for there golf cart’s, Marine and sessior lift or RV. So Get the batteries you need from batteries shack. every battery you buy is dated from the manufacture of year and month when was the battery manufactured. Also all of our batteries are full charged wether you need 6 volt, 8 volt or 12 volt every single battery leave our door is fully charged.  Batteries Shack Michigan has becamon one of the largest trojan distributors saling larger quantiy of batteries at affordable prices supporting boat storage marinas and golf cort courses and RV Storage . Why pay more when you can get it cheaper Call us Today. 586-580-2893

batteries shack trojan battery dealer

Company history

First of all Trojan Company one of the best world leading manufactures for deep-cycle batteries, serving submarine in world wart I. Of Course the person name who started the company named George Godber and his successes story started in one of the most beautiful state of America Los Angeles his partner was his brother in law Carl Speer. In 1940s Trojan began to be manufacturing automotive car batteries, latter on also began to be building heavy duty batteries for commercial trucks. in addition 1952s Trojan launched there first deep-cycle battery for golf car. So The Idea was to provide more enjoyable time on the field for the golfers to stay golfing for long period of time and of course throw their electric golf cars. Of Course Today’s age Trojan deep-cycle maroon batteries 6,12 and 8 volts powers 97%  of US’s golf courses. In 1960s – 1970s – 1980s the company began to expand their line of deep-cycle batteries and moved to California.  from there Trojan battery company continued to grow with addition of batteries for boat, marine, floor machine and many more, currently the company on its third generation of family leadership, the leaders of the company committed to designing and creating excellent maroon Trojan battery for many applications

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