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Trojan Batteries was established in 1925 in America. Trojan is one of the best battery companies for deep cycle, flooded, gel, and AGM batteries. The company is particularly known for deep cycle batteries, such 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt.




Batteries Shack is proud to be a Trojan Battery dealer. We stock a full line of Trojan Batteries, made here in the USA, and sold at our Sterling Heights store. Give Batteries Shack a call.




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About Trojan Batteries

Trojan started making golf cart batteries and developing deep cycle battery technology in 1952. The company quickly became known for its deep cycle and renewable energy solar batteries. Trojan’s deep cycle batteries are popular in floor scrubbers, forklifts, scissor lifts, RVs / motor homes, boats, and other marine applications. Trojan Batteries is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, and manufactures its batteries in Georgia and California.

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Trojan flooded deep cycle battery

Trojan Flooded Battery

Combining peak performance and long life, Trojan’s flooded fully deep-cycle is ideal for many applications, including for your golf cart.

Trojan AGM deep cycle battery

Trojan AGM Battery

Trojan’s reliant AGM with C-max technology offers extraordinary performance and a long battery life, handling any kind of weather.

Trojan Gel deep cycle battery

Trojan Gel Battery

Trojan’s Gel Deep-cycle batteries are 100% maintenance-free.

trojan re renewable energy battery

Solar Line signature, also known as smart carbon batteries.  With a very low rate of discharging, it’s ideal for off-the-grid living.

Why Buy Trojan Batteries?

Trojan batteries power a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Golf carts
  • Sweepers and floor machines
  • Boats
  • RVs

What makes Trojan batteries such a solid brand?

Energy Output

Trojan has developed a proprietary paste which helps their batteries deliver a superior energy output across every application they support. They tend to deliver around 15% more energy than competing batteries. That means you enjoy more power while you work and play.


Trojan batteries are long-lasting, giving you more “bang for your buck.” You can rely on Trojan batteries to last well into the upper ranges of the expected lifespans for batteries of the same type.

This is especially important when you are trying to store batteries, or when you know your batteries will have long seasonal rest periods. For example, Trojan VRLA batteries discharge at less than 3% per month, which means they won’t be dead when you go to use them again. We do recommend keeping them charged to capacity anyway, but they’re very forgiving of user mistakes.

Extreme Durability

Trojan uses a highly durable plastic polymer case which is unlikely to crack, break, or warp. Trojan batteries handle high-vibration applications very well and are extremely safe to use as a result.

This, combined with the flame arrestor technology built into every battery, makes your batteries safe to use.


Inconsistent performance is one of the biggest problems plaguing the battery industry today. Fortunately, Trojan batteries don’t have that problem. They’ve attacked it from two angles.

First, they make sure their batteries have a higher cell compression than most others on the market. Second, they pay close attention to their manufacturing plants, working to make sure their operations are consistent as well.

Product Compatibility

You won’t run into a lot of compatibility issues with Trojan batteries. If they support an application, they support all the major brands associated with it. If you’re buying a Trojan battery for your scrubber or sweeper, for example, you can feel confident knowing Trojan supports Advance, Castex, Factory Cat, Minuteman, Nobles, Viper, and more.

This is important, since nobody wants to pay extra for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) battery.

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