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Look No Further batteries shack your local battery specialist has a full line of Trojan Reliant AGM batteries that will turn your head around and will keep you wondering which trojan AGM battery do I need but, no worries batteries shack team got your back and will show you all the AGM batteries we have in stock and we will even help you choose the correct battery and amper that you need to power up your home, RV and marine-boat or any renewable solar application even electric golf carts.  if you in the market for any other trojan battery find out here.

trojan battery agm

  Trojan Agm Batteries Come in 2 Type OF chemical Trojan Reliant AGM And Trojan Solar AGM

For any question please call us @ 586-580-2893

trojan solar agm batteries in michigan

Trojan AGM Solar

the solar agm battery comes in 3 types of voltage 6-volt, 8 volt and 12 volt. you click on the image or the button below learn more about which battery you need, and for any reason you need help give us call we are local and can help you pick solar agm battery that you need.

trojan reliant agm

Reliant AGM Battery

The reliant trojan series are best agm batteries if you look for battery that you don’t have to maintenance look no further this agm battery the company manufactured this battery to be in application such boat, electric golf cart, rv and moto home and even for look ride scissor lift. we are here to help visit at today located in Macomb county Michigan.

Why Choose Trojan AGM Battery

Trojan Deep-Cycle AGM (absorbed Glass Mat), Provide outstanding performance, by making extra thick plates and separators to extend the life of battery.

AGM batteries could be used in any kind of weather cold or hot and will outperform any other battery of its kind.


1- shock and vibration proof.

2- low self-discharge up to 3% without being used.

3- up to 4 times faster charge the any flooded battery.

4- 3 types of voltage 6-volt, 8 volts and 12 volts.

5- can be installed in any postion.

6- has less electrolyte then flood battery.

7- safer for indoor usage. ( leak proff )

8- more cyclic than lead-acid batteries.

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