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Hey fans,

in this blog, I’ll be showing you how to do an

iPhone 6s Battery Replacement.

and no worries, I’ll be linking to all the tools and the parts at the end of the blog so make sure you scrawl all the way down and check it out let get the repair started and fix your iPhone 6s battery problems.


Alright guys, let’s get the repairs started. The tools that you need, you need a screwdriver, this is the iFixit screwdriver, comes… The whole tool kit, with a lot of screw-tips. So you’ll need a See The Tools Here   Phillip, like this one, and you’ll need the star, and you’ll need a tweezer, , but I’ll make sure your battery comes with necessary when you purchase it check out the link for the battery here



iPhone 6s battery repair tools

So the first step is to take the bottom two screws

Alright, screws are out.

Step two,

I’m Gonna Take The Screen Out of The iPhone

lift it up a little bit. Usually, you wanna heat it up a little bit too, if you want to.

So you lift it up like that, and you get your plastic tool, put it here, then it will slide open. You wanna slide the plastic opener tool through the edges of the iPhone, but do it very slow because there is a double-sided tape that’s holding the screen to the phone.

So just make sure you go back and forth many times, and I’ll pry it open from the bottom, again slide it slowly. Then you wanna do the other side. Go up, then come back down, put the tool to the side, then lift the screen up, you can lay your phone down, and then just lift the screen up.


Pry the Screen Slowly

Alright, so now we’ve got the screen open.

Now, however guys, I want you to pay attention here. So the screen is connected to the circuit board with cables, this is the cable… Department, if you wanna call that, but all the cables to the LCD gets connected to the board over here.

So if you’re going to lay down your LCD like that, it’s gonna put a pressure on the connectors over here. So what you wanna do, maybe take your battery out of the case and then close it, close the battery case, and then lay down the screen on the case.

that way the screen is not tilted all the way to the back and it’s not putting pressure on the LCD ribbon cable.


lay down iphone screen slowly

Next step,

number three. There are two screws here, you gotta take out those two screws, I’m gonna zoom in so I can show you. Hopefully, you can see the screws clearly, that’s screw number one and that’s the screw number two.

So now we are going to change the tip from the star to the Phillips, and maybe that’s kinda big, let’s see… Now, you hold the phone down… And the screw one came out, now one screw is short and the other one is longer, so one short and one long, so I’ll show you.



long screw and short screw for battery replacement

That’s the shorter screw, and that’s the longer screw. So the longer screw faces the battery. So this longer screw facing this battery, and then the shorter screw is facing the frame of the iPhone.

Next thing you wanna do is take out the metal shield

that is protecting the battery cable and the charging port cable, just take it and remove it to the side.

Next, we gotta take the cable here

the ribbon cable for the battery, which is this one here. So this is your battery, your new battery is gonna sit like that and then it’s gonna clip to the board

But you don’t wanna use it to take the battery out of the board, the battery cable, because if your tweezer did touch two pins over here on the board, it’s gonna short out the battery, and it may smoke, and it may get on fire.


battery pins

So you may wanna use a plastic tool like that, and do it carefully, and slowly.

There you go, I hope you guys heard it pop. So the battery cable is out, we are safe, nothing is gonna short, no power to the battery completely. I mean, no power to the phone completely.

Next, what you wanna do,

there are two strips of double-sided tape, one to the right, one to the left, under the battery.

They Put That Just So The Battery Will Stay in Place

 So what we wanna do, we wanna take those two strips out, and sometimes while you are peeling the strips out.

They get cut off, they strip on you. now take out The vibrator also. That way the strip comes out easier. Hold them by two screws, one to the right, one to the left. Just lift it open a little bit and here you go.

If you ever need to change your vibrator on your phone, when your phone vibrates, this is the piece right here. If your phone stop vibrating, then you need to change this.

taking the vibrator out

Now there you go.

You see what’s happening, guys? And I’m gonna pull it. I’m gonna pull it very, very slow, because I don’t want it to cut off because if it cuts off it will be a little bit harder.


Alright, that’s the first one. As long as you go slow, as long as you take your time, it’s gonna come out easily. And now we do the same thing with the other side. We just remove the black tape so we can see the white tape.

Remove it slowly, now we see it, then we start pulling. Guys, it is very important over here to go very slow. There you go, so you guys can see a better view over here. Go very, very slow. There we go. That was easy, wasn’t it? Now, the battery is out.

remove the battery tape slowly

Now,   I’m gonna go get my double side tape, put a strip here, and put another strip here. Now the battery that I’m gonna be linking to has all the tools that you need, and it has the tapes that come with the battery too. So no worries.


Alright, guys, I’m back. Alright, guys, I’m back and I got a double side tape over here. So, let’s do it. So, all we need is two strips of double side tape. It’s one, and that’s two. Put the first one here and the second one could be next to it, on top of it, wherever you want.


Now what we’re gonna do, we’ll press it down, then we’re gonna peel the other side of the double side tape. We’re gonna peel off the white tape.

And we’re gonna do the same thing with the other side, make sure it’s down. And now we’re gonna put the battery in.


before you put the battery, let’s put this back in there. Remember, those two springs, they gotta sit on the two gold pieces there.

So if you put it the opposite way it’s not going to work. Do you see these two pieces there, the two gold pieces? So you put the vibrator like this. Okay. And now you put two screws, one to the right, one to the left. I’ll zoom in so you can see it.



it’s in and it’s not going anywhere.

Next, I’m gonna put the battery connector first before the battery. Hope you heard that click, then what you wanna do, you wanna push.

So you put the battery cable, and then you hold the battery in an angle like that, then you push in, then you press it down.

Then you wanna test it, power the phone up. Hopefully, the battery has some charge in it. Alright, the phone is powering up.

Put iphone 6s battery connector first then insert your battery

Guys, as I said, it is very easy as long as you take your time. But also you don’t wanna do this and buy a junk battery.

I’m gonna… Make sure you buy the right battery. Make sure you spend a little bit more for a quality battery. Make sure your battery comes with a warranty too. So if anything goes wrong with it near the future, you can send it back.

Usually, cellphone batteries should come with a one-year warranty on them, so within one year if anything goes wrong with the battery you can send it back to your supplier or the place that you bought it from. Here we go, the phone came up, no SIM card, the home button works, and make sure it vibrates.

Test Your iPhone After New Battery installation

Yep, okay.

Now we’re gonna power the phone off again, slide it. Then what you wanna do, put the battery case under the screen again, then we gotta put the battery shield, connector shield, back in there. And I believe they are… Yep, this is the shorter one. Alright, it’s in all the way. I’m gonna zoom in to show you. Now we’re gonna put the longer screw on this side.


Alright, guys

now I wanna show you how to close this screen. So you see as I told you, there is a double side tape. It’s a very strong one actually, and you can see it through here too.

So what you wanna do, you wanna put this screen in an angle, like this, and press down and hold it. You gotta hold it from the top, then press from the bottom, this side, then press in the middle, just like that. Once this dot is in, by the charging port, then you can press on the sides too.

See, one in. Now you press the other side… There you go, guys.

Putting back the screen after replacing the battery


if you see a little bit of double-sided tape like that, you can just cut it. It’s fine now. Now you wanna put your star-tip to put the bottom screws back in there.



Here you go. So you put the bottom screws… One. Two. And guys, thank you for reading this blog post and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, and I’ll see you guys on the next one. Thank you.








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