7 Dumb Mistakes People Make With Their Cell Phone Batteries

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Does your cell phone run out of juice way too fast?.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a phone which dies when you’re not
in a position to charge it, unless it’s a phone that does this all the

But the phone might not be the problem. The problem could be the way you’re treating your phone’s battery.

1) Overcharging your phone overnight

Most cell phones have lithium-ion batteries, which don’t respond well to
overheating. Overheating reduces your battery’s capacity by oxidizing
some of the electrolytes at the cathode, which causes the battery to
start self-discharging.

And nothing overheats your battery quite like being stuck on the charger
too long.

Once you’re asleep you can’t monitor it to see if it’s been fully
charged, which means it’s almost guaranteed to spend too long on the cord.
Instead, consider giving your battery “top-off” charges throughout the
day. Counter-intuitively, lithium-ion batteries function best when you
keep them between 50% and 80%. There’s no real advantage to driving them
all the way to 100%.

2) Using different charger brands and cables.

Those $3.99 phone chargers you pick up at the local convenience store
may seem like a pretty good solution when you’ve left your charger at
home and are faced with a dying phone.

But every time you go off-brand you change the amperage and voltage
flowing to your battery. And you can cause the battery to overheat,
causing loss of capacity at best and a fire at worst. Somewhere in
between, you may just damage the phone beyond repair. 99% of off-brand
chargers fail basic safety tests, so it’s a good idea to take this

The cheaper the charger, the more likely you are to create problems with
your phone. You want an on-brand charger that’s been subjected to the
manufacturer’s quality controls, even if that means buying extras for
your car, bag, and house. Look for the Apple or Android certification,
and be content that it’s money well spent.

3) Leaving your phone in hot places.

Do you routinely stick your phone in a locker? Let it sit on a table in
the hot sun at the pool?

Again, heat cooks the battery. And if your battery’s left to get hot for
long it will drain completely, even as it loses long-term capacity.

4) Using slow wireless chargers.

Wireless chargers are convenient but watch the speed. The slower ones
can drain your battery life by forcing you to keep them on the charging
pad longer.
The charging pad tends to overheat the phone as well, which puts you
back at square one in terms of quality battery life.

5) Letting your phone get too cold.

If it seems like everything has come back to heat so far this point
might even come as a bit of a relief. It’s not all about getting your
phone hot.
It is all about temperature, though. And if you’re in a cold climate
like Michigan, you’ll want to keep it in your jacket pocket whenever
you’re outside. Using it in sub-zero temperatures will freeze your phone
screen. It will also drain your battery that much faster. The phone also
takes longer to charge when it’s cold, so keep that in mind.

6) Using an off-brand power bank.

This is one of the worst things you can do to your phone. You will never
get constant voltage to your battery. And off-brand power banks are even
worse at this than off-brand chargers and cords.

Even on-brand power banks should be used to charge the phone and not
much else. If you have an Android, turn it off, plug in the power bank,
and let it do its thing till it’s done. If you have an iPhone just lock
the screen and leave it alone. It will turn on at 1% power, but you
don’t have to make the power bank’s life harder by running apps.

If you plug your phone into a wall and watch YouTube, your charger will
work extra hard to keep your phone alive, even as it charges it up. But
the power bank will push 5 Volts, and that’s all. If you have 2% battery
life, plug the phone into a power bank, and try to watch YouTube your
phone battery will die. You’ll have wasted the power bank’s charge for

7) Keeping your screen on full power at all times.

Ideally, you’ll keep your screen light low most of the time. That will
help you conserve battery life. You’d be surprised how much you can see
just fine at about 30% brightness, even in the dark.

Can’t manage 30% brightness all the time? Need a little boost in the
dark but do okay in the daytime? Most phones have a feature allowing the
screen to detect the current light levels and to adjust its brightness
accordingly. It has to be enabled manually, but it’s a nice feature for
those who otherwise wouldn’t remember.

Been making these mistakes? There’s good news.

As long as your phone hasn’t been damaged, yet you should be able to get
a replacement battery. If you start treating the new battery right,
you’ll get more screen time out of your cell phone and can rest easy
knowing you’re taking care of your device.

Just be sure to replace it right away if you’ve been abusing it.
Otherwise your phone might just die when you really, really need it.if you need help changing your phone battery visit your nearest local store for battery replacement . 









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