Summertime in Sterling Heights, MI

17 August 2015 mzd Leave a comment Uncategorized

Regardless of where you live, summer is a time of the year where your children are out of school and you are likely taking your vacation as well. In our modern world, your leisure time is often incomplete without the use of smartphones, tablets and/or gaming devices, all of which you can take with you anywhere you go. You might also be taking advantage of the warm weather to spend time in the water, perhaps on a boat or a jet ski. If you live in Sterling Heights, you know that summertime also means it’s time for a wide range of annual events, including the Harley Fest and Stars and Stripes Festival in June, and the American Polish Festival & Craft Show, Italian Fest and Sterlingfest Art and Music Fair in July. You might also be attending some of the many different concerts and other performances at your local Freedom Hill Amphitheatre.

Unfortunately, most of these activities involve battery powered devices, which need to be in perfect working order for you to get the maximum enjoyment out of your summer. That is why we are here! At Batteries Shack, we offer batteries for anything you may need, including iPhone and other smartphone batteries, jet ski and marine batteries, motorcycle batteries, and even car batteries. We also specialize in battery replacement and the repair of your phones, iPads and other tablets, and much more. We welcome you to contact us anytime for any and all of your battery replacement and phone repair needs!


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