Why do Smart Phone batteries dangers and catch on fire

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Why do Smart Phone batteries catch on fire while charging 

I’ll give it you in minutes because we first have to know what makes the lithium ion battery catch on fire.

all smart phone’s and newly manufactured laptop’s and tablets use lithium ion battery but most have one thing in common which is pouch style lithium ion battery , the pouch shape lithium ion battery has self-aluminum foil the advantage of it is

  • It can pack more energy
  • More juice with the limited package
  • The pouch cell batteries are very week protecting the martial inside

battery charging lithium ion cell phone and iPhone battery from batteries shack

Lithium ion batteries are commonly used in cell phones, laptops and electric care they have 4 major components

  1. Anode it holds the negative (-) side of the battery which negatively charged ions
  2. Cathode holds positively (+) charged ions
  3. Separator ensure these tow electros never touch each other Anode and Cathode.
  4. Electrolyte it moves the ions between the anode and cathode during charging time.


Here are few things that make the battery to dysfunction

  • Poorly made battery that can make the anode and cathode decompose in time.
  • Defect like flawed separator which will allow the tow electros touch (-) & (+) to result in to explosion.
  • Failure of a protection circuit board when the phone is too hot either from charging or from the heat outside the electrolyte can react with other chemicals’.

Back to our main story since there’s to many accident that have been covert throw the media/news/blog and some have not been reported at all. Manufactures looking at improving battery life and cell phone battery safety they are looking to improve some measures in smart phone batteries such

  • protection circuits which will limits over charging and discharging it acts like fuse and it laminates access of heat
  • Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) device protects over temperature

Battery charging still improving but slowly, it’s not at the rate of consumer desire for faster charging and longer battery life with advanced features, experts said big brand names like Samsung shift to fast and raped charging handset USB type ( c ) smart phones increase battery problems due to high voltage charging


Note of the Day From Batteries Shack Experts.

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