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Common PS4 Problems and Their Fixes

Batteries Shack offers the best PS4 repair services in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and near Detroit.  Allow us to make the process of solving all your Ps4 issues much easier.

Batteries Shack will listen to your problems, educate you, give you options, and provide viable recommendations.

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Common PS4 Problems and Their Fixes

In this guide, we explain some of the common PS4 problems and how to fix them.

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 HDMI Port Fix

 Disk Player Fix

 PS4 No Power

 PS4 won’t Connect to the internet

 PS4 won’t sync to the controller

PS4 overheating blue light-white light

 Fan replacement

 PS4 Bluetooth problem

 Faulty hard drive

 Software update


Why Batteries Shack

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Get Your PS4 Fixed Today


If you’re wondering, “where can I get my PS4 fixed?” You can call, email or visit our PS4 repair shops center in the Metro Detroit area today for friendly customer service. Next time you search for PS4 Repair near me, PS4 fix near me on Google or PlayStation 4 Repair in Michigan, consider Batteries Shack.


Our PlayStation repair services in Sterling Heights come with no-obligation estimates. We can have your video game console fixed in less than 12 or 24-hours. We deal with a wide range of PlayStation models in our local repair shop.

With many PS4 fix software updates, we always have a number of new PSN and PS4 problems emerging throughout the year.


In fact, if our team realizes that you have a small Ps4 problem, we can fix it for free. We have the best pricing around Sterling Heights Michigan area. Contact us or call at 586-580-2893 for all your PS4 problem fixes.

Common Playstion Repairs (PS4)-(PS4 PRo)

PS4 HDMI Port Repair Near Me

playstation repair

It is impossible to connect your gaming console and transmit pictures or sound to the television when you have an HDMI issue. In addition, a faulty or damaged HDMI port  or  PS4 hdmi por loose can be frustrating, especially when it fails to register that the cord has been properly plugged. One possible cause of the problem could be a hanging or bent metal prong that doesn’t plug in all the way into the port.


Ps4 HDMI  pin fix this problem requires a good amount of electronics repair experience and trying a DIY approach is not a good idea. While the Ps4 HDMI port replacement service is not that expensive, taking out a faulty port and putting a new one is a difficult process: you can easily blow out some capacitors or break other components if you’re not an expert.


And, Ps4 HDMI repair cost, it may cost you up to $150 to fix this issue with Sony. Our experienced  team will fix this issue for you in no time without cutting corners or trying to glue it back with some epoxy. we offer cheap / affordable ps4 hdmi port repair. if you searching for places that fix ps4 click the button below and call us today. 


PS4 Disk Player Fix

playstation repair

Most disc read problems that appear as error code CE-35486-6, could mean your disc is damaged. You can also experience error CE-34878-0 error code when the downloaded games have issues. While undamaged discs don’t occur so often, they are possible.


You can remove superficial scratches or dust by polishing or cleaning your disc with a dry microfiber cloth. Or, simply exchange the disc to solve this issue.


However, it will be more disturbing, if your console keeps ejecting the disk, or your PS4 disc drive not reading or  PS4 Not Reading making noise while playing your favorite game. PS4 disk eject problems can be a serious headache,

Particularly if you’re using the latest model and expect the best user experience. While there may be quick-fix ideas out there such as letting your PS4 sit for a minute before you power it back on,

The Batteries Shack experts will give you a permanent fix. Perhaps your PS4 needs a firmware update in order to work flawlessly.


 No power (PS4 Pro Won’t Turn On)

playstation repair

If your PS4 game console won’t turn on, or simply indicates that there is no power or PS4 Won’t turn on just beeps we’re here to help! Some of the most common causes of this problem include:


  • Power Strip – When connected to a power strip, your PS4 may indicate that there is no power. Try to plug your device directly into the wall instead of through a power strip.


  • Power Cord – Your PS4 may be experiencing this problem if the power cord is not fully plugged into the back of the PS4. Consider replacing your loose cord with a new one.


  • Bugs – Your game console may not power if it’s infested with bugs. Unfortunately, removing cockroaches from your console might not solve the problem. Ensure that your home is free of these creepy insects and let our experts fix the PS4 for you, for an enjoyable, undisrupted gaming experience.


  • Faulty Power Supply – Ensure your power supply is working perfectly before you even visit our shop.  If it’s a power button issue, our team will diagnose and fix it quickly.

PS4 Won’t Content To The Internet

playstation repair

PS4 internet connection failed Experiencing NW-31201-7 and WV-33899-2 errors could mean your PS4 has a bug problem that is causing network connectivity problems.

The PSN can go down and disrupt your gaming so often than you may expect. While you should just wait for a while when you experience a CE-33991-5 short stretch maintenance error code, you should seek professional help if it persists.


Potential solutions to typical short stretches in network connectivity failures include changing your DNS settings by choosing “” and “” as primary and secondary DNS settings, respectively. You should update your router’s firmware to see if it gets you back online. or contact your internet service provider for assistance.


Try deleting the PS4 Wi-Fi connection and then reconnect it to fix a simple Wi-Fi network problem. Ultimately, to play your PS4 online reliably you may need to get a new Wi-Fi Extender with an ethernet port. For more complex internet connection issues consider contacting Batteries Shock PlayStation repair.

PS4 won’t sync controller

playstation repair

PS4 Controller Won’t Connect to Console, You can charge your controller or pair it to the game console again to fix a DualShock 4 problem.

Alternatively, try resetting the controller to fix simple issues such as lack of vibration or flashing blue light, If the rubber part of your DualShock 4 analog stick is wearing off, you can get a replacement from Sony.


However, since it may take up to a month and some shipping cots to get a replacement from Sony, consider having your controller sync problem diagnosed and fixed by Batteries Shack.

PS4 Overheating

playstation repair


Overheating can ruin your PS4’s circuit boards and cause serious damage to your PlayStation. Don’t beat yourself up about overheating because some of the causes of this problem are not your fault. Some quick fixes to overheating include:


– Getting a cooling device

– Checking for system and game updates to reduce overworking issues

– Regulating room temperature and avoiding random flukes

– Ensuring proper ventilation

– Making room for more memory

– Checking the device warranty

– Using compressed air to clean fans


With just $7 you can get a simple thermometer from Amazon to check your room temperature. Our team will help you fix overheating issues on your PS4 and avoid future costly damages.

Fan replacement

playstation repair

If your PS4 is sounding like a jet engine and overheating, then you have a fan problem. While preventing fan noises and overheating with a cooling system is essential, you may need a fan replacement to fix the problem permanently.


You’ll hear noises when the pointer is scratching the hard drive platters. In fact, this means that your hard drive is about to die. At this point a drive with a higher MTBF may not be different from using a lower MTBF option.


The clicking noise simply means that the drive is not functioning normally and you need a fan replacement to fix the physical problem. It is important to remember that any teardown or replacement beyond the hard drive voids your Sony warranty

. Our technicians will reapply a new thermal paste layer because removing the motherboard will separate the thermal paste between the heat sink and the processor.

PS4 Bluetooth problems

playstation repair

Sometimes, your gaming console might not receive commands from the controller via Bluetooth connection. If separate controllers work perfectly well with other consoles, then your current PlayStation has a PS4 Bluetooth reception problem. Software update fixes might not solve a Bluetooth reception issue and you may need an experienced professional to fix the problem.


The Bluetooth/Wi-Fi antenna issue could be hardware related Such Ic chip, especially if the controllers can only connect in safe mode only. Imagine how frustrating it is, if you buy a modern-day console that doesn’t connect with Bluetooth headsets.  you will require Wi-Fi direct headphones and USB Wi-Fi dongle.

Faulty Hard Drive

playstation repair

If your console fails to turn on or turns off while gaming, you could be having a faulty hard drive. Restarting your PS4 console can help resolve the problem if it is not hard drive related. You can have access to the essential services by starting the system in safe mode.


But, what happens if the hard drive is dead? You definitely need the help of a professional from Batteries Shack or go to Sony Service Center to learn more about PS4 crashed hard drives.

In other words, if your hard drive is dead, it can’t do anything because your PS4 simply can’t get up and running. At this point.

You need to back up your games on a USB drive or upload them to your PlayStation and seek professional help.

Software update

playstation repair

At Battery Shack, we now have the latest PS4 software version 6.02 which was recently released on October 17, 2018. The software update incredibly increases performance of your console.

To have an enjoyable gaming experience and prevent common PS4 problems such as overheating and controller syncing issues you need to update your console to the latest version of the PS4 system software.


Additionally, we will help you get improved usability, additional features and enhanced security with your software update. If you are not sure about the software update, don’t corrupt your system with fake installs, let our technicians help you.

We can repair different types of PlayStations

playstation repair

PS4 Pro

playstation repair

PS Vita

We Are Your Nearest PlayStation Repair Shop

where you can have any model of PlayStation repaired. The PlayStation has been developing over the years where you will have to use different software and hardware on the models.

You should not worry even if you have the latest model or you have an old model which will require a lot of work before you can have it working.

Our in-house experts know how different PlayStations work hence we will ensure we carry out the right repair services so that your unit can work just the way it supposed work before it developed the complications.

playstation repair

Where can I get a PlayStation 4 repair Near Me

which can charge fair prices and install genuine spare parts on my device?

We are here @ Batteries Shack to assure you the best services. You should not be stressed on where you can get experts who only use genuine spare parts to repair your unit.

We are a one stop solution and the  places that fix PS4’s all day where you can be assured the best repair services.

As experts in the field, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best out of your spoilt PlayStation.

Use of genuine spare parts will make your unit highly reliable. If you will like to save money and avoid stress, you need to work with us.

We will ensure we install for you the right spare parts which will make your PlayStation very reliable.le Advanced settings.

Top PlayStation Repair Why Choose US

Quality services guaranteed backed by a warranty

We do a thorough job in repairing your PlayStation.

You will have the best unit in place and we will ensure the services are top notch.

Many gamers have tried our services and most of them end up leaving great reviews due to the quality services we offer.

Our professionals love playing PlayStation games and we will like you to enjoy your gaming session without any stress.

Each unit which reaches our shop is repaired as if it was ours. Our warranty will make you have the PlayStation back and enjoying playing with peace of mind.

We are fully licensed and insured experts

You should hire experts who are fully licensed and insured.

Our shop handles several PlayStations each day hence we have taken insurance cover so that your unit can remain safe when in our hands as we repair it.

Our experts have undergone the necessary training hence we can guarantee you the best services.

We try our level best to guarantee you peace of mind as we work on your PlayStation. Try us today and you will be happy to have your PlayStation professionally need to continue searching for who can fix PS4 or where can i fix PS4 we one of the best PS4 repair shops. in your area.

We serve the entire Detroit and Sterling Heights, Michigan areas 

Customers Come to us all the way from Rochester hills, warren, chesterfield, Madison heights, Shelby township, Macomb, Roseville and royal oak even from port Huron..


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Why you need to bring your PlayStation to our shop for repairs

In our PlayStation Repair Shop, we can deal with any problem facing your device. It may have software related problems or even hardware problems. You should not worry on how you can have the device back into your gaming room as soon as possible.

Many people have brought their devices to our shop and we have been able to solve problems in most of them. You will be guaranteed the best repair services if you let us work

on your PlayStation. Even if you are busy,

you should not worry because we are experts who can work under no supervision and deliver the best services. Quick services guaranteed, Searching for shops in my area that will fix PlayStation 4 Give us Call Today 586-580-2893

Where can I get PlayStation Repaired as soon as possible?

Many people who love playing video games are faced with the dilemma each time their PlayStations develop complications.

You should not worry if you are faced with the same problem.

We have experts who will work on your device and ensure it is working within a short period and fix PS4 same day.

Before a PlayStation can develop complications, there are certain underlying issues which made the PlayStation to develop the complication.

We do not only fix the problem and leave you with PlayStation which will later develop the same complication. Our experts will check on the PlayStation and proceed to solve any other issues which may have made your PlayStation stop.

There is no need to worry on how you can get your PlayStation repaired fast, just bring it to our PlayStation repair shop and we will swing into action.

Fair prices for the quality PlayStation repair services

We are a local PlayStation repair shop where you can be assured the best services and our prices are unbeaten.

There are some experts who can repair your PlayStation but you will have to pay a lot of money. It is a different case when you decide to work with us.

We will work on your device and charge you based on the problem which we will solve.

Remember there are some issues which will take a lot of time before we can fix them. In some cases, you will be required to buy expensive spare parts.

We take into consideration different factors before we charge you fairly for the PlayStation repair services.

We are well connected hence we know the right place where we can buy quality spare parts at fair prices so that you can be assured of the best services in your PlayStation repair

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