Video Game Console Repair (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo)

Batteries Shack offers Xbox repair, PS3 repair, PS4 repair and Wii repairs with free, no-obligation estimates. We know how important it is for you (or the gamer in your life) to get your video game console fixed quickly, which is why we work hard and smart to complete most video game repair jobs in under 12 to 24 hours.














  • Red ring of death
  • Red light of death
  • Game freezing
  • Disc errors
  • No video/audio
  • Flashing yellow light of death
  • Broken disk drive repair/replacement


  • Software update
  • Corrupted hard drive repair/replacement
  • No picture
  • Wifi Repair
  • Water damage repair
  • CD player repair/replacement
  • Charging port repair/replacement
  • White LCD/screen repair/replacement
  • Blinking white screen repair/replacement
  • Controller USB dock repair
  • HDMI repair/replacement
  • No Power
  • E-series related errors such as E-74, E-73, E-68
  • Battery replacement
Got a red ring of death, a red light of death, or a yellow light of death? Did you unwrap a brand-new game, only to end up dealing with problems only a gamer would understand?

Batteries Shack offers video game console repair services that can get you back in action fast. We fix game systems in 12 to 24 hours. We can even handle the tough problems, like corrupted hard drives or water-damaged consoles. 

There’s probably still some life left in your gaming system. Don’t waste money buying a new one when you can have it repaired at Batteries Shack at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few questions on video game console repair we get on a regular basis:


Can you salvage the video game that’s stuck in my console?

Yes! CD drives get stuck with the disks still inside all the time, so that’s nothing new for us. It is wise to let us know there’s a video game inside the system that you’re trying to save. It’s also ideal to bring us the empty disk case so we can get it safely put away once we’ve retrieved it from the disk drive.


Can you clean my video game system? 

Absolutely. In fact, what seems like a big repair job may be a cleaning job in disguise. Dust is often the culprit when video game systems go bad. In general we’ll have to clean up your system anyway, so that we can work on any other problems it might have.


Can you refurbish video game discs? 

Most video game discs just need the scratches removed, which we can do for you. We work quickly, since many gamers don’t even notice disk damage until the game malfunctions in the middle of play. Try us before you get out the peanut butter. (That doesn’t work, and you’ll just make a big mess when you run your game.)


Which video game systems do you repair?

We repair Xbox, Playstation, and Wii systems. This includes the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, and the Nintendo DS, DS1, and 3DS.


Do you fix retro consoles like the Atari, or Super Nintendo?

No. We prefer to focus on modern consoles so we can get our customers back to their games within our guaranteed 24 hours. Some specialty video game console repair services focus on the old-school consoles.


Do you sell replacement parts for video game consoles?

No. We will happily repair your console with our own parts, but we don’t sell them individually. Typically, you’ll save more money letting us do the work than you will trying to do the work yourself. The price we quote includes both parts and labor.


Do I need to call ahead?

No. You can bring your video game console straight to us the moment you’ve got a problem. We can get the job done fast without any advance appointments.  Visit Batteries Shack in Sterling Heights.

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