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Batteries Shack offers game console repair such Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo-Wii with free, no-obligation estimates. We know how important it is for you (or the gamer in your life) To get your video game console fixed quickly, which is why we work hard and smart to complete most video game system repair jobs in under 12 to 24 hours.

Read the information below and give us chance to repair your game console today as a matter of fact if you bring in your video game system early in the morning there’s big chance that we can fix your video game console same day. 

Located in Sterling Heights, Near Detroit, Mi

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A gaming console is undoubtedly a gamer’s best friend

Some of us go as far as to giving our game consoles some cute or fierce names.

 And why not? Once you have spent countless hundreds of hours playing games on your console, you naturally make a connection – it eventually becomes less of an electric appliance and more of a companion.

Sharing the pain of challenging boss fights, avatar deaths, and the thrill and adrenaline that is unique to video games.

It does not matter which console you have;

it may be a Sony PlayStation, an X-box or a Nintendo Wii;

your console is the only thing that can stand in the way of enjoying your favorite video games.

Whether you enjoy gaming with your family and friends in the living room, or you prefer gaming alone;

the console is always there, being the only interface between you and the game. I’m sure you’ll agree the console is just as important as the game itself.

One without the other is completely useless.

When Consoles Go Wrong

playstation repair shop

At the end of the day,

no matter how much respect you have for your gaming console it is still an electrical device. Unfortunately, electrical devices have tones of failure points;

a lot can go wrong. Consoles, despite their high build quality, are no exception to hardware and software failure.

A malfunctioning gaming console is something every gamer dreads, but it is sometimes inevitable.

Find Repair For Your Game Console

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video game system repair

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playstation repair shop

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So, what do you do when your video game console Not Working ?

It’s not like you can just replace a console right away; they are not exactly cheap to buy, even with different competing brands at different price points.

In addition, most gamers have an attached sentimental value to their console and won’t just throw it away. Besides, it is economically wasteful just to replace anything that goes wonky.

The best solution is to try to have it fixed. But, don’t do it yourself.

We all sometimes have a DIY confidence burst; you may be tempted to visit ifixit – pick up a few tools and a guide, thinking you have all it takes to start probing your console.

Trust me, when it comes to electronics, its best to leave the probing to qualified repair specialists. Gaming consoles are complicated enough in their normal working condition, let alone when they have a malfunction.

Modern electronics are miniaturized, compact and very delicate, any wrong alterations can cascade to catastrophic failure. To the untrained eye, the circuits and components are nothing but a maze of potential disasters.

Chances are, you’ll probably make a bigger mess of the problem or even develop new faults.
This presets the problem of;

who do I trust to repair my gaming console?

Who can repair my video game system near me?

Can I have my gaming console fixed before I lose my thumb speed?


Don’t despair or feel helpless.

What you need is a video game repair specialist near you, who can get you back in the game as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of decent console repair services to choose from.

However, If you are in Detroit, Sterling Heights, or the larger Michigan area you are in even better luck. Batteries Shack is here to get your beloved console working again in 24hrs or less. At Batteries Shack, we understand just how important and valuable your console is and tirelessly work on restoring it to its full gaming glory.

playstation repair shop

We are Here to Help

Don’t think about replacing your broken down gaming console before giving it another chance at life by having it fixed.

It might surprise you how little time and money it will cost to repair compared to buying a new one.

A word of advice; don’t instill confidence in your electrical repairing skills from 5-minute repair videos on YouTube and attempt fixing the console on your own.

It usually is harder than it seems, no matter how small the problem leave it to the experts.

Why Batteries Shark To Fix Your Game Console?

Do not let our name fool you. Although we do deal vastly in quality batteries for electronic devices and vehicles, we also have a team of experienced and

qualified specialists in electronic repair – including video game consoles. Off the top, here is why you should choose Batteries Shark for your video game console repair.

Game Console Repair Near Me

 Where to Find us

Game Console near me locations.

Our Michigan video game console repair shop is located at 44478 Mound Road – Sterling Heights, MI 48314. Just bring in your malfunctioning device at any time; 9 AM to 8 PM weekdays, 9 Am to 6 PM Saturdays, and 10 AM to 3 PM Sundays. You don’t have to call ahead for an appointment but if you wish to contact us for any inquiries, call (586) 580-289 or visit our website for a chat or more details about our products and services.

Low prices:

We take pride in having the best prices for our products and services. That said; don’t think of us as cheap.’ No, we don’t compromise on quality for the price. We are a small store with low operational overheads; this is how we have managed to serve Michigan affordably. On top of that, we also offer a free, noobligation estimate on all console repairs.

Quick repair turnaround:

Once you leave your console with us for repair you’ll only miss it for between 12 and 24 hours – this is how long most of our video game console repairs take. We have all the necessary components for replacement at hand, so you don’t have to wait days for a spare part order to arrive. Our repair specialists are always ready to tackle any repair task at any time. Time is invaluable in the gaming world. We understand you can lose precious thumb speed, and crucial gaming skills if you stay away from the console for a long time; which is why we never keep you waiting for long.

We can repair any console:

Every gamer has their preference when it comes to choice of gaming consoles. That is why we don’t specialize in repairing only one brand of gaming consoles, but instead on all of them. We handle repairs for all modern gaming consoles; can fix your PlayStation, repair your X-box, and Nintendo Wii models.

Work ethics:

Most people are discouraged from visiting video game console repair shops due to their dishonesty and secrecy. Several repair shops have a tainted image. At Batteries Shark, we have outgrown that. Once you bring in your console, we diagnose the problem, share our findings and recommendations with you, make a price and time estimate on the repair and hours later your gaming console is as good as new. It’s that simple. Everything is laid out for you in plain black and white. There are no hidden bills, no mischief to squeeze an extra buck from our customers, no schemes to keep you coming back to repair the same console. The key to trust is honest communication. At Batteries Shark, we value honesty above all and is the foundation of our work ethic. Customer satisfaction in our services is our primary goal.

What We Can Fix

For obvious reasons, such as availability of spare parts for retro video game consoles like the Atari, we only focus on modern consoles.

The everyday consoles that the modern gamers are accustomed to.

However, when it comes to console faults and malfunctions that can be repaired at Batteries Shark, It’s a different story.

Most video game consoles repair jobs involve common problems that we have over the years learned to diagnose and repair properly.

So, don’t worry if your console does not even show any signs of life, it can still be fixed. Just to mention a few, here are some of the common problems that we can repair on your gaming console:

• Corrupt drives • Software failure and updates • Red ring/light of death • Ports repair and replacement • Power problems • Display issues • Moisture and water damage

• Overheating • Controller issues • Game freezing • E-series errors • Media failure (audio and video) • Connectivity problems • Battery replacement

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44478 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights, Mi, 48314

(586) 580-2893

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a broken Xbox, can you help me fix it?

Yes we can fix all xbox make and models

Can you repair video game consoles?

Yes we can fix nintendo switch , sony playstation and microsoft xbox

Can you repair consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo-Wii?

Yes we have all the necessary part to get the job done as soon as possible

I'm having problems with my game console. Can you help?

Yes drop your game system for free diagnostic

I accidentally dropped my Xbox and now it won't turn on. Is there anything I can do?

Yes your xbox wont power up after being dropped could be because damage hard drive, broken power button, broken internal power supply or broken chip on the board bring your xbox today for free diagnostic

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