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Batteries Shack provides honest, affordable, fast iPhone repair for iPhone users in Greater Detroit. Our skilled electronics geeks repair all iPhone models, including iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus, and all iPhone X, XR & X max  series . We use only OEM and other top-quality parts for our repairs.  We complete most iPhone repairs within 20 minutes, and about 95% of repairs in the same day you bring us your broken iPhone. visit our sterling heights location today near you. 

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Charging Port Repair

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Battery Repair

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Common iPhone Problems and How To Fix Them


In this guide, we explain some of the common iPhone problems and how to fix them.


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 iPhone Screen Repair

 Cracked iPhone Screen

 iPhone Charging Port Repair

 iPhone Battery Replacement

 iPhone Front & Back Camera Repair

 Dysfunctional Flash Repair

 iPhone Speaker Replacement


 Your Best Bet For iPhone Repair Near You.


Why Batteries Shack Repair My iPhone 


With Batteries Shack, you do not have to dent your pockets by making another costly purchase for a problem that can be easily fixed.

We repair all iPhone’s Same day depending on the problem and at affordable prices. Our team of skilled technicians can handle anything from cracked screens to charging port issues and bring your iPhone back to its optimum functionality

Our iPhone repair services are available for all iPhone’s including the entire iPhone X, XR & X Max series, iPhone 6 and 6+, iPhone 7 and 7+, as well as iPhone 8, 8+.

So, if you are in the Greater Detroit and you’re looking for  best iPhone repair shop near me, take a trip to our Local iPhone repair shop in Sterling Heights, MI for an honest and professional service.


We have attended to multiple clients, most of who come to us with almost similar problems which can be easily fixed.

In this piece, we address the most common issues iPhone users encounter with their devices and how to fix them.

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iPhone Screen Repair 

The screen is where you really get to interact with your phone, so when your iPhone screen won’t work, it can get pretty frustrating trying to operate your device. When this happens, the culprit could either be a software or a hardware problem.

1- iPhone Screen is Freezing or Simply Won’t Work

Often, when your iPhone 6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, or iPhone X screen isn’t working, the problem could be software related. The good thing about this is that it can be easily fixed. If your phone freezes when you are using a particular app, try uninstalling the app and the problem should be solved.


Another option is to hard reset your iPhone; this works to correct any software hitches that may be plaguing your iPhone. It may be difficult to do this with an unresponsive iPhone screen. To hard reset,

your iPhone, hold down the power and home button until the Apple logo appears. If you are using an iPhone 7 or 7+, you need to long press the power and volume button.

For iPhone 8,8+ and newer models, you can reset your phone by first long-pressing and releasing the volume up button, then doing the same to the volume down button and finally the side button until the screen goes black.


If it still doesn’t respond, you may need to factory reset your device. Back up all your data before doing this as you are restoring your device to the way it was when you first bought it.

If this doesn’t work, it might be time to look for advice from an iPhone screen repair expert advice at your local iPhone repair store.

2- Cracked Screen 

apple screen repair


A cracked screen either from dropping or getting hit with a hard object is by far the most common screen problem iPhone users have.

In order to fix a cracked screen, you will need to take it to a local iPhone repair shops for a screen replacement.


If your screen doesn’t work after it dropped, the cords connecting the LCD and the digitizer may be dislodged therefore becoming loose.

Try pressing it firmly into place and see if it works. If it doesn’t, the damage could be worse.

Even if there are no hideous cracks on the screen, a professional check-up is recommended.


If everything else fails and you are online scouting for “iPhone screen repair near me,” Batteries Shack is here to help. We can replace your screen in a matter of minutes using quality parts available right at our shop. Visit our Sterling Heights, MI iPhone repair shop for an affordable iPhone screen repair done by experts.

Most people believe a cracked or shattered screen ruins the phone for good. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can replace your screen in a matter of minutes. We have the parts right in our shop so you never have to worry about waiting.

Only at Batteries Shack is a shattered iPhone screen not nearly as bad as it seems.  We’ll replace all the necessary parts with the best  parts on the market.  Because iPhone repair isn’t the only field of expertise Michiganders come to us for, we don’t try to squeeze every last dollar out of you (the way most iPhone repair companies do), so we can replace your shattered screen affordably.

We’ll likely have your phone fixed in 20 minutes, and will spend a few minutes testing it out to make sure everything works perfectly before you ride off with your fixed iPhone.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement 

It’s one of the most frustrating problems an iPhone owner can have. You plug in the charger and nothing happens. Or you hear the little charging sound blink on and off over and over again, but you can never get it to stabilize enough to give the phone any juice.

When this happens, the problem is likely to be the charging port rather than the charger itself, an issue you can test by attempting a different charger.

If your iPhone is not charging properly or is not recognized by iTunes, your dock connector may need to be repaired or replaced. The techs at Batteries Shack will completely replace the lower dock connector and thoroughly test your phone to make everything works properly.

iphone battery replacement

There’s nothing as devastating as getting home with a low battery after a long day only to plug it in and your iPhone won’t charge! Or maybe it charges in bits, you know, blinking on and off without the stability needed to power your device. More often than not, your iPhone won’t charge because the charging port is faulty. To be certain, you can test different chargers and sources of power to eliminate the possibility of the charger or adapter being faulty.



So, what could be the cause of your charging port woes? Dirt, software problems or faulty dock connectors can impair the functioning of your iPhone’s charging port. Clean your charging port using a toothbrush or small pins to remove gunk and lint that may be blocking the connectors in the port from transmitting power. visit our sterling height location for iPhone charging port repair near me. 


iphone fix

For software problems, a simple restart or a hard reboot will clear any glitch responsible for your iPhone’s inability to charge. After doing all the above and seeing no results, it’s time to get technical as it is definitely a more pronounced hardware issue.



If you’re having trouble charging – including having to charge your iPhone at awkward angles–, or your device isn’t recognized by iTunes, your dock connector needs a repair or replacement.

Don’t fret about finding local iPhone repair when the techies at Batteries Shack can get the job done right the first time. Our skilled staff will replace your dock connectors and test them thoroughly to ensure your iPhone charging system functions as it should.

if you need your charging port fixed today contact us here

586-580-2893 and we can fix it while you wait. 


iPhone Battery Repair

You might require a battery repair if your battery drains too quickly without explanation. Once you’ve made sure you’re not running a great many background apps which could drain the battery, you might want to bring it to us. Usually, a replacement battery is the answer. Batteries have a lifespan like any other piece of equipment, and using an old battery could even become a fire risk. Batteries are, of course, our specialty here at Batteries Shack!

iphone repair sterling heights

Batteries have limited lives, and iPhone batteries are no different. With time, your iPhone’s battery degrades and it can no longer keep your phone up as long as it used to. So how do you know your iPhone’s battery time is up?


The most obvious evidence is a swollen battery; this needs to be disposed of immediately. If you phone overheats without giving you a warning, keep shutting down or drains its charge by the boatloads, it could be time to get a new one. you can learn how to replace iPhone 6s battery is this post



Like most batteries, iPhone batteries have an optimal functioning life of 2-3 years, after which things start going downhill.  You may notice your phone losing charge so fast. Sometimes, you can fix this by calibration and getting rid of any apps tapping into your phone ‘s charge. Other times, the battery has outlived its useful years and is slowly dying away.


iphone repair

Luckily, you can check the health of your battery to determine if your battery’s performance is at its peak if your device runs on IOS 11.3 or newer updates. To do this:


  • • Go to settings and chose battery
  • • Tap battery health. Here you will see the maximum capacity and • peak performance capability of your device.


The peak perforce sections allows you to know if your battery has issues or not. If you see a message displaying performance management is on or inability to check battery health, it’s time to take your battery to an expert.


Using old worn out batteries is a recipe for a fire emergency. With our Batteries Shack iPhone repair in Sterling Heights, MI, you don’t have to risk both your phone and your life. We will help you assess your battery issues and also replace it to keep your device running for longer.

iPhone Front & Back Camera Replacement 

It is common knowledge that the iPhone’s camera takes pictures of unmatched quality. However, sometimes your go-to camera can misbehave, preventing you from taking those shots you so much want to capture. Most iPhone users complain of either a black camera screen, blurry images or the flash not working and sometimes a missing camera app from the home screen.

1- Black Camera Screen

iphone repair shops

You may see a black camera screen when you open your camera app. This is mostly a software issue that can be easily fixed by closing the camera app and relaunching it, or by restarting your device. Make sure there’s nothing obstructing the lens from capturing your object of focus.


Switching the front and rear cameras fast may also help with the issue. If you notice that the black screen appears in only one of the cameras, it’s time to visit one of your best “iPhone repair shop near me “options.

2- Blurry Images

iphone repair near me

Blurry images can either be as a result of dirty lenses, interference from your device’s accessories or instability when shooting. Gently wipe the grime and smudges off your lenses and ensure that your hand is stable when taking a picture. If you notice dirt inside the glass, you need to take it to your local repair shop for assistance.


Devices like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 7/7+, iPhone 8 and 8+ as well as the iPhone X have optical image stabilization. This feature can be impaired by metallic cases as well as magnetic lenses, resulting in blurred images.  Take off these accessories before shooting those memories and your pictures should be crystal clear.

3- Dysfunctional Flash & Camera App Missing From The Home Screen

apple repair

The flash may not work due to high temperatures, wait for it to cool before using your camera. However, if your phone’s camera flash is not working despite the flashlight functioning, you need to find iPhone camera repair experts to help you fix it.



A “camera not found” error message may be simply due to incorrect settings. Go to restriction settings and ensure the toggle for the camera is on before proceeding with your photography. This also applies if your camera freezes whenever you try to switch from front to back camera and vice versa.


Whenever you encounter camera issues, it is important to first conduct a software diagnostic by either restarting your device, resetting all your settings or doing a factory reset. Just ensure you back up all your data so you don’t lose it. For broken lenses and persisting camera issues, bring your iPhone to our Sterling Heights, MI iPhone repair shop. Our Batteries Shack experts will ensure your pictures look good again by repairing your camera at affordable rates.

iPhone 6,7,8,X & XR Speaker Repair

Your iPhone’s speakers are responsible for the quality of sound in your phone calls, notifications, and music. When there is no sound at all coming out of your device, or it keeps cutting out or fading, there could be a problem with your speakers.

iphone glass repair

You should ensure that your phone is not on silent, the volume is all the way up and your Bluetooth is off to rule out the possibility of it playing music from another device. Also, disconnect your phone from any Airplay devices for certainty that the problem isn’t from the phone’s settings.



If there is still no sound coming out of your iPhone, try restarting your phone and updating your iOS. If it still doesn’t help, the problem could be in the hardware. Make sure your speakers are clean by blowing out the gunk with compressed air as dirt can tamper with the sound quality.


After trying everything and you still get crackling sounds or none at all, the speaker itself could be faulty.

There is nothing our Battery Shacks techies cannot fix with regards to problematic speakers. Our staff have an immense specialty in iPhone repair in Sterling Heights, MI and can replace your speakers and get your iPhone back on track within a few hours after diagnostics.

Is there such a thing as a iPhone which is too far gone to repair?

Phones whose inner circuit boards have been shattered or which have been exposed to heat damage (you’d be surprised how many people lay their phones on hot stoves) can’t be repaired with the same level of ease. However, we can certainly take a look at your phone. We can advise you as to whether it is better for you to repair your cell phone or replace it.

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iPhone Repair Shops Near My Location / Near me

You’ll find Batteries Shack off M-59 between Mound Road and Merrill Road. We’re right off Catalpa, and we’re across the street from the UPS Store. From VanDyke Avenue 48312 take 59 West-Hall Rd and get off at Mound. From Detroit, take I-75 North to M-59 East, and then get off at Mound. We’re easy to spot!

What’s the best place to repair an iPhone?

How should you choose an iPhone repair shop? The best way is to look for the following:

  • Speed of the repair. How soon will you have your phone back?
  • Price. Is it reasonable?
  • Experience. What do the reviews say about the iPhone repair service?
  • Convenience. How easy is it to get to the store from your location?
  • If we seem like we’d fit the bill, stop by with your broken iPhone any time
Where can I get my iPhone repaired?

Repair iPhone near me If you’re anywhere near the metro Detroit area we’re an easy spot to get to. We’ve had people come down from as far north as Holly and as far west as Ypsilanti. Our Sterling Heights location is central enough to serve most Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County customers.

Does Batteries Shack offer the cheapest iPhone repair?

Batteries Shack offers the most affordable iPhone repair in the Metro Detroit area. We also offer some of the fastest repairs for the price, because we know your time is at least as valuable as your money.

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Your Best Bet For Reliable iPhone Repair Near Me

iphone screen repair sterling heights mi

You don’t have to suffer the financial burden of getting a new phone when Batteries Shack can fix all your iPhone problems at affordable prices.  If you are at the end of your tether and you have finally resorted to typing “iPhone repair shop near me “into your search engine, be sure to choose Batteries Shack for your iPhone repair in Sterling Heights, MI.



Whether you own an iPhone 6 or an iPhone X, our team of skilled technicians can restore the functionality of your device in no time. Contact us today for a Sterling Heights, MI iPhone repair that is reliable, affordable and timely without compromising on quality!

Should You File Insurance Claim

iPhone broken? Don’t file an insurance claim, and don’t increase your mobile phone bill by financing yet another new phone. Don’t wait around for a new phone to get to you in the mail, either. We can repair most iPhones and we can do it in 20 minutes or less.

Even better? We can do it for way less than you’d ever pay to replace your phone.

For example, even a phone covered by insurance has a deductible. For most insurance plans, the deductible is $199. Meanwhile, you can come and get many repairs at Batteries Shack for just $79.

You also are limited in the number of claims you can file. Some plans cap you out at 3 claims. In fact, you might not even want to carry insurance on your phone, as it tends to add another $10 per month to your bill. This means if you don’t break a phone for 2 years you’ve paid an additional $240 for no good reason. This is one reason why CNET advises against insuring an iPhone at all.

What about replacing your phone? Right now a new iPhone X goes for $999. Most people won’t pay that out of pocket, of course. They’ll accept the payment plan. Most carriers offer a 24-month payment plan that is added right to your bill. That means you’ll be adding an additional $41.92 to your phone bill.

But if you haven’t finished paying off your old phone yet, you’ll have to keep paying those charges too.

This is one reason why some people end up with $300 or $400 a month phone bills! If you’ve got the money to burn, it makes sense. If you don’t, then an iPhone repair is the way to go.

When we’re done your existing phone will be good as new. You won’t be able to tell there was ever anything wrong with it

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my iPhone repaired?

Most of the iphone repair common problem is replacing the screen, battery, back glass and charging port. Those repair average repair time 30-60 minutes any chip replacement may take 1-2 days.

Can you repair an iPhone that's not covered by your warranty?

Yes of course and will make it look and feel better then it was new.

I dropped my iphone and it now won't turn on. Can you help?

Yes first will take your iphone apart and disassemble it then check your battery connector cable make sure it didn’t get loose throw the drop its still connected then indication your have broken chip on the board that may need to be replaced.

Can you repair all iPhone models?

Yes any make and model

What is the warranty on iPhone repairs?

30 days with no physical damage 

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