Careful & Professional Phone Repair in Sterling Heights, MI

Repairing  Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG smartphones. We repair broken phone screens, charging ports, LCDs, and digitizers and speakers. We can also replace your phone battery.

Most of us can barely function without our phones. That isn’t a knock: Most people don’t have landlines anymore! Some people access the Web exclusively through their smartphones. And as virtual wallet technology continues to evolve, some of us even pay for meals and gas with our phones.

If you want your phone repaired once and repaired right, bring it to Batteries Shack in Sterling Heights, MI.

We repair every type of smartphone problem you can think of, including:

  • Damaged speakers
  • Water damage
  • Bad phone batteries
  • Charging port malfunctions (you probably have one of these if you can’t get the phone to charge at all)
  • Front and back camera malfunctions
  • Cracked or shattered screens
  • Digitizer problems
  • Touchscreen problems
  • Sticky keypads, home buttons, volume buttons or power buttons
  • Black screens of death

By far the most common repair we see are cracked screens. Even with a protective case it’s all too easy to drop that phone in just the right way to hit the glass and shatter it. Don’t keep using the phone with a cracked screen, even if you can still get some of the features to work. You’ll get glass in your fingers!

How much does it cost to repair a phone at Batteries Shack?

Muchless than it will cost you to replace the phone, even if you have a warranty or insurance. When you have a warranty or insurance you’ll still end up paying a $100 to $200 deductible. Then you’ll have to wait for the service center to ship you a phone, as most providers won’t let you replace your phone at a local store. This could take 3-4 days.

By contrast, we can repair your phone in 24 hours and in most cases, we can do the job for $60-$80. Give us a call or stop by. We’ll give you a free estimate.

Batteries Shack is Metro Detroit’s trusted, fast, competent phone repair store

Conveniently located in Sterling Heights, MI, we can fix almost every smartphone issue you can imagine. And we don’t mess around with cheap replacement parts: We use original manufacturer equipment (OEM) to get your cell phone back to peak performance.

We treat your phone as we’d treat our own. We take your repairs very seriously, test before and after the repair, and stick with the job until your phone is 100%.

Need your phone repaired now? We can usually do it within 24 hours. Stop by Batteries Shack in Sterling Heights today.

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