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 Does your cell phone have screen problems, water damage, camera malfunction or bad speakers?  You don’t have to buy a new phone. Batteries Shack is a cell phone screen repair shop in Sterling Heights, MI that offers the best cell phone repair near me.  We do cheap cell phone glass repair, in and out repair, wet cell phone repair near me amongst other phone problems.

we treat your phone as we’d treat our own. we take your repair very seriously, test before and after the repair, and stick with the job until your phone is 100% 


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Common Cell Phone Problems and Their Fixes


In this guide, we explain some of the common Phone problems and how to fix them.


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Why Batteries Shack


Batteries Shack is one of the best local cell phone repair shops in Sterling Heights and Near Detroit Mi. We can fix your smartphone and restore it to its optimum functionality, all within 24 hours.


From cracked screens, wet cell phone, to unresponsive home and volume buttons, we handle all technical cell phone problems and send you home with your device working like new.


Looking for iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, HTC or LG cell phone repair in Sterling Heights, MI?


We have skilled experts and advanced equipment to replace damaged hardware and cell phone software.


Why buy a new phone when you can repair it at a fraction of its cost and have it in the same condition you bought it in?






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Cell Phone Screen Repair 

Phone screens endure a lot of abuse which puts them at a higher risk of damage. It doesn’t help that most screens are made of glass and one fall is enough to cause a shattering mess, well unless you have on a screen guard/screen protector.

But even those don’t provide adequate protection.


Although cracked screens are the most popular, unresponsive screens are also a problem.  Every day, our cell phone repair business in Sterling Heights, MI receives hundreds of “phone screen repair near me”, “cell phone glass repair “and “cell phone repair shops near me” requests and hits, showing the prevalence of these problems.

1- Cracked Screens


cell phone repair

Scratched screens are no cause for alarm as they do little to interfere with the phones functioning unless when the cracking is extreme.

When you accidentally sit on your phone or drop it, the screen may crack, damaging the digitizer and sometimes even the display

If your digitizer is broken but images and texts are clear, you may only need to replace the digitizer alone.

You will need to replace both the digitizer and display if you have a totally black screen and broken images.

2- Unresponsive Touchscreen


cell phone repair sterling heights michigan

When your screen is unresponsive to touch, it may be because of a damaged digitizer, dirt, water on the screen, or high temperatures.

Sometimes, the issue may be due to app problems – this can range from a malicious app trying to infect your phone or a bulky app that may end up eating into your phone resources, or even an incompatible app.

Try wiping your screen with a cloth to get rid of dirt and water. Make sure your hands are dry and you are not wearing any gloves. If the problem is due to high temperatures,

try using your phone in a cooler area and away from a highly magnetic device.

For problematic apps, you need to uninstall the app and your screen will start functioning. You may need to replace your screen if the above measures don’t work as it may signal a damaged digitizer.


With lots of YouTube guides on how to replace a damaged screen, you might be tempted to try it on your own and end up ruining your phone, and messing up your warranty.

A simple Google search of a cell phone repair shop near me will show just how recommended repairs shops are.

At Batteries Shack cell phone repair store, our team of experts will replace your damaged screen in no time. 586-580-2893

 EXPERT OPINION:  Avoid putting your phone in your back pocket and bags with sharp objects if you want a long-lasting   screen. This will prevent unsightly scratches that may give way to future cracks.

Phone Charging Port Repair

cell phone repair

Often, most people have the notion that the battery or charger is faulty whenever their smartphone has charging problems. This cannot be further from the truth. Sometimes, charging problems can be caused by a faulty charging port, which could be obstructing power from getting into the phone. It can get so bad that the phone won’t charge at all. So, when do you know you need to fix your charging port?

• If you have to charge your phone at certain angles, it may be time to visit a cell phone repair shop near you as your port is loose. Using it this way, you risk burning and damaging your phone.


• Black residue around the port may also be a result of inappropriate voltage burning your charging port. At times, it’s just dirt from subjecting your phone to dusty areas that are preventing your port from working as it should be.


• Bended or broken pins caused by constant plugging and unplugging, often the wrong way may cause.


Dirt is easy to deal with as you can use a dry toothbrush and compressed air to remove lint and accumulated dust. Faulty pins and loose ports are a whole different affair. Although you may try to pull on bent pins with a small pin, you risk using too much force and breaking them.  You don’t want that, right?

Older phones like Samsung, HTC and Motorola have their ports fixed onto the motherboard, making it more difficult to repair on your own. If you live in Sterling Heights, MI, take your phone to our cell phone repair shop for your charging port to be replaced by professionals. Our team of skilled experts won’t have a problem handling even some of the most difficult phones e.g. HTC one M7 which can be hard to open without breaking it.

Cell Phone Battery Replacement 

cell phone repair

What use is a cell phone if the battery is dead? Most batteries are made to last for about 2 to 3 years, which is why we all try to maximize its life as much as possible before we have to get a new one. Maybe your battery has hit the over two-year mark, maybe it hasn’t, but it isn’t working as it used to. How do you know?


Here are some tell-tale signs of a faulty phone battery:


• The battery heats excessively when charging.

• The phone rapidly discharges or doesn’t achieve a full charge.

• The battery is swollen or looks bloated.

• Your phone won’t turn on.

Some of the above problems can be fixed by calibration, especially if it won’t achieve a full charge. You power off the phone, charge it for ten minutes then hold the power and volumes buttons for two minutes. Finally, power it off again and let it run to full charge.


Quick loss of charge may be due to apps eating up into your charge. Simply go to settings, find the apps using the most battery percentage and uninstall them if you can.

But if you notice that the battery is overheating and is swollen, it is time to stop using the battery and get a new one. There have been cases of phones like Samsung exploding. You don’t want that to happen to you!


When you start experiencing battery issues or the phone won’t just turn on because the battery is dead, it’s time to visit a cell phone repair shop near me.

Battery replacement isn’t as easy as it used to be before built-in batteries came along,

Which is why Batteries Shack is here for you.  Visit our Sterling Heights, MI repair shop for the best cell phone repair near you.

Water Damadge Repair

cell phone repair

So, you just spilled some liquid on your smartphone or dropped it into the toilet and you froze at the thought of losing all your pictures and contacts. While water damage can kill your phone, and also void your warranty, you don’t need to fret until you’ve consulted a professional phone repair expert.


Most phones have liquid damage indicators either as stickers on or under the battery, or on one of the screws under the back case. They are mostly white and when moisture gets into the phone, they change color into pink or red in most cases.


You can prevent water damage by getting your phone a waterproof pouch. If it’s too late for a waterproof case and your phone has had a bath, you can still salvage it. Whatever you do, do not put the phone in the freezer as it can damage the LCD screen. Refrain from turning the phone on or charging it as electricity and water do not mix. Pretty obvious, right 😉

Pressing the buttons or shaking it will only cause water to get deeper into the phone, so avoid it. Here is what you can do:


• Open the phone and remove the SD card, sim and battery if it is removable.


• Towel the phone dry and if possible, suction the water out with a small vacuum cleaner. Do not use a blow dryer as it may cause static charges and ruin your phone.


• Use silica gel packs or leave it on a flat surface with the fan on to help it in drying.


•  Dunking it in a bag full of rice may help draw out moisture, but it can also introduce dust into the phone causing more issues.


 The above steps are only meant to help; they do not guarantee that your phone will be back to life after the recommended 48 hours.

You can decide to gamble with trial and error methods, or you can visit professionals for help. Run a simple search for wet cell phone repair near me to get the closest and most recommended cell phone repair business within your locality.

For sterling heights, Mi residents, our experts at Batteries Shack got you covered with tested solutions for water damage.

Camera Replacement 

Smartphone cameras are taking photography and vlogging to new heights with their convenience, accessibility, and ease of use. However, the camera is not immune to damage. A broken camera, dislodged lenses or faulty flash may prevent you from capturing those special moments whenever you want to. Luckily, Batteries Shack is here to help you repair and replace your camera for you to continue snapping away unperturbed, and storing your memories just the way you like them.

1- Camera Not Working and A Black Screen
cell phone repair sterling heights michigan

If your camera isn’t working, the problem could either be a software or a hardware issue. Software problems can be solved by simply rebooting or hard resetting your phone. If you have any third party camera apps, uninstall them and reboot or pull out the battery then restart your phone.


A hard reset may be necessary if it still doesn’t work after rebooting. Make sure to back up all your data before doing this so you don’t lose it.


Sometimes, you only need to free up space and clear cache for your camera to work again. However, if the problem begins after the phone falls and the screen turns black, the lens may be dislodged. Pressing on the camera firmly will put it back in place. Cracked cameras need a trip to a cell phone repair shop for professionals to replace it.

2- Flash not working and blurry images
cell phone repair sterling heights michigan


The flash may not work because your power saving mode is on. You can simply turn it off before shooting.

Flash problems and blurry images after the camera is hit or the phone falls may signal a camera damage. In such a case, camera replacement is necessary.



Blurry images may be due to dirt on the lenses or improper positioning. A simple wipe of the lenses and holding the phone properly will solve your image clarity issues

Speaker Replacement 

Your phone has an internal and an external speaker. The internal one is meant for phone calls while the external speaker is for music and notifications and whatever sound your phone produces that needs to be loud.

cell phone repair sterling heights michigan

If the voice of whoever you are talking to keeps fading and coming back, it could be a network problem. There’s nothing you can do about it other than contacting your service provider and restarting your phone. But if your calls remain inaudible regardless of your location, the problem lies in your hardware.


Resetting your phone, checking the settings and contacting your network carrier can simply solve network and software issues. You know it’s a wrap for your speakers if the sound quality drops or you can’t hear anything from the other end of the phone call. In such cases, you’d need a new speaker.


You can make use of the warranty if you have one. The other sure option is contacting Batteries Shack for speaker replacement at affordable prices. It could be cheap to do it on your own, but the consequences of a shoddy job will cost you more in the long run. Let our experts help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also get a warranty on my cell phone repair?

Our repair shop does not offer additional warranty and we can’t sell any warranty but you could get warranty from a 3rd party electronic insurance company. All of our repairs come with a 30 days warranty.

Can Cell phone Repair also fix my phone's camera or speakers?

Yes sure our phone techs can fix any phone and replace any parts that need to be replaced.

Can you also do repairs for smartphones that have other problems, like water damage?

Water damage repairs are 50.50 the longer wait to fix your phone the worse it gets. Salt build will increase inside the phone and damage the circuit board and microchips. Our recommendation is to fix your phone immediately the same or next day to avoid any further damage to the phone.

What are the types of cell phone repairs you offer?

We can fix and replace the following issue if you ever come across them, screen repair, battery replacement, back glass replacement, charging port replacement, water damage repair, micro soldering ic chips, ear peace speaker replacement , microphone replacement, side button, wifi and signal antenna , sim card tray , front camera and back camera.

What kind of cell phone can you repair?

Smart phones , Apple, Lg, Samsung, Motorola,

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