In this fully digitalized world that we live in, all of your essential devices run on batteries. From your vehicle to your smartphone and everything in-between, these items make life in the modern world possible every minute of every day. Unfortunately, malfunctions and failures occur at the worst possible moment, and in many cases it is the battery that is at fault. That is why it is crucial to have access to a prompt and dedicated battery repair and replacement service.

At Batteries Shack, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and expertise in all things battery-related. As the leading provider of batteries and battery repair in Sterling Heights, Michigan, our vision encompasses honesty, quality and value.

We understand that battery replacement and repair needs occur every month of the year. The fall season, in particular, brings you 10 months of school, which means that having your car, phone and computer in perfect working order is more important than ever. You need to get yourself and your children where you need to go without delay, and keep your entire family connected for personal, educational and business purposes.

We proudly offer reliable and affordable cell phone repair for all brands and models of smartphones. We also specialize in iPhone repair, helping maintain the peace of mind of local Apple fans. Protect your investment by bringing your phone to our repair store and have it repaired precisely to manufacturer standards.

Among our specialties is a comprehensive computer repair service, catered towards the busy individual with impending deadlines. Whether your computer requires a complete power supply replacement or data recovery process, you can count on our experts to resolve the problem and get you back to work in no time.

Batteries Shack features a fully stocked inventory of a wide range of batteries to suit all of your needs. From industrial and commercial batteries to car and household batteries, we have it all. Furthermore, our complete selection of battery repair services is designed to keep your busy day running as smoothly as possible. As an added courtesy and part of our effort to enhance your convenience, we offer free delivery and free installation.

Do you seek a reliable, one-stop shop to obtain your replacement batteries and battery repair in Sterling Heights, MI? If so, rest assured that the experts at Batteries Shack can assist you in a quick and efficient manner. As the most trusted car, computer and phone repair center in the Metro Detroit area, we are here for you. Call, email, or visit us today!

We offer special pricing for Business to Business sales. Please inquire to learn more.

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