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The automotive battery inside your RV or motorhome might keep your engine rolling, but the RV battery itself powers all the systems that make your recreational vehicles fun. They’re the reason you’ll have lights, running water, heating, and cooling while you’re camping, which means it’s very important to make sure you’ve got the best battery money can buy.

Here at Batteries Shack we make sure every battery variety we sell is fully charged and ready to go so you can start using it right away. We carry 6V, 12V, and 12V RV batteries that will serve every variety of motorhome out there on the market today.

How do I choose the right RV battery?

First, read your owner’s manual so you know exactly what kind of battery your RV needs. If you’ve lost your owner’s manual you can also snap a picture of your existing battery on your phone and bring it to us. We’ll be happy to help you identify the right one.

Second, look for a good deep-cycle battery. A deep-cycle battery is designed to deliver slow, steady, even power instead of a quick burst of power, like the starter battery under the hood. You want one that will sip power as it seamlessly allows your internal systems to operate. Never try to use a standard automotive starter battery as your RV’s “house” battery.

Here at Batteries Shack we avoid batteries which require maintenance. We use gel or AGM batteries, so you gain a maintenance-free, leak-free, safe battery to run all your RV systems.

You may find you have an RV battery “bank,” which means you’ll open up your RV to see several batteries connected together. You’ll want to replace all the batteries in a bank at once.

How should I store my RV battery?

Make sure the battery is disconnected before storage. Store it in a warm place and charge it up all the way before you store it. Keep in mind than an inactive battery will degrade. Even taking a few short “maintenance” trips during the winter months can help you extend your battery life.

You should also check the charge periodically throughout the winter and recharge your RV batteries as necessary.

It’s a great excuse to seek out warmer climates while the snow rages here in Michigan!

How to care for my RV battery?

RV batteries like to stay charged, so make sure you don’t ever let the charge drop below 50%. You’ll want to charge them all the way back up to 100% before you make them go to work again.

It’s also important to purchase the right charger. Ask us about our 3-stage chargers for RVs and motor homes. We’ll be happy to show you how to use them to protect your RV batteries.

Don’t wait for your battery to die before paying attention to it.

A bad battery can damage the systems inside your RV. If you suspect there’s a problem, roll on down to our store to talk to our battery experts. We’ll be happy to test your battery for you, and to replace it as necessary.

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