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You’ll find the right boat / marine battery here at Batteries Shack in Sterling Heights, MI.  We are authorized dealers of Deka Batteries.  Our marine batteries are sealed, lead-acid, maintenance-free.  We carry trolling mower batteries, pontoon Batteries, starting-engine batteries, watercraft marine batteries.  We have it all.  Give us a call or visit us in Sterling Heights.  Our batteries experts are glad to help you find the best battery.

Deep Cycle Battery:

  • Size 24
  • Size 27
  • Size 31

Dual Purpose Battery:

  • Size 24
  • Size 27
  • Size 31

Starting High Rate Battery:

  • Size 24
  • Size 27
  • Size 31

How to Pick out a Boat Battery

Buying batteries for your boat can be a daunting task, but the team at Batteries Shack is here to help. We carry batteries for every kind of boat you can think of, including pontoon boats, speed boats, and more. Our team of experts can help you choose the right batteries for your boat.

Still, you may want to feel confident in your choice of battery or short list of options before you visit Batteries Shack. Here’s some info that may help you as you shop for your boat/marine battery.

3 Types of Boat Batteries: starting high-rate (cranking) battery, deep-cycle (trolling) battery, and dual-purpose battery

There are 3 types of boat battery: (1) the starting high-rate battery (or cranking battery), (2) the deep-cycle battery (or trolling battery), and (3) the dual-purpose battery, which handles both functions. Some boats need just one kind of battery, some need both, and one can’t be swapped out for the other.

The cranking battery is designed to deliver a lot of power very fast. Boat engines need that kind of quick, sharp burst of power to get the engine up and running. From there, the engine’s alternator takes over to keep the boat going.

Deep cycle batteries help you run boat systems like lights, stereo systems, and other functions while the boat is at rest on the water. For example, if you go fishing you’re typically going to drive the boat out to a spot, turn it off, and settle in. You’ll want a battery with a lot of discharge and recharge cycles to support these activities.

The dual-purpose battery works for very small boats who only have room for one kind of battery, but which make use of both battery functions. The advantage is, of course, only having to buy and worry about one kind of battery. The disadvantage is the dual-use battery will not perform either function as well as the single use batteries will, offering a weaker fast-charge than the cranking battery and fewer recharge cycles than the trolling battery.

Sizes of Boat Batteries

Our starting batteries come in three sizes: size 24, size 27, and size 31. These are physical sizes, so you’ll want to check the size your boat is designed to take. A size 31 battery doesn’t deliver any more charge than a size 24 one, so there’s no benefit in trying to go bigger.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Boat Battery

Boat batteries also come in three different makes: wet cell, gel, or AGM. These designations mostly relate to the way the battery is made.

Wet cell boat batteries tend to be the least expensive, can take up to 1,000 discharge and recharge cycles and are at less risk for overcharging than their counterparts. However, they are not maintenance-free; they need to be opened and topped off with distilled water on a regular basis. Using them risks a spill, which is why we don’t sell them. The slight performance boost simply can’t offset the risks.

Instead, we stick with maintenance-free AGM or gel boat batteries. AGM batteries are shock-resistant and vibration-resistant. They are somewhat more at risk for overcharging, but they are a cost-effective option. Gel batteries cost a little more, but are very resistant to overcharging and can handle being left uncharged for a time. You simply need to be sure to buy a charger specifically made to accommodate these battery types if this is the boat battery you choose.

Battery Brands We Carry at Batteries Shack

We are authorized dealers for both Deka batteries and Trojan batteries. As mentioned, all our batteries are sealed, lead-acid, maintenance-free varieties. Both are outstanding brands that will offer many hours of boating enjoyment.

Still, confused? Got questions? Stop by our store in Sterling Heights, MI and let our team of experts take care of you.

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