Top 5 Delicious Gluten Free Pizzeria in Sterling Heights

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Enjoy Your Pizza With Zero Regrets. Say Goodbye To Digestive Issues, Stomach Ulcers, And Anemia Among Others.

gluten-free pizza is pizza made from whole grain and is void of glutenin and gliadin proteins. This pizza is ideal for people with celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and wheat allergy.

Beware of fakes! Not every label that reads gluten-free out there is. You can never get a truly gluten free pizza that has wheat as an ingredient.

Without top 5 sterling heights pizzeria collection, you can expect to get a mouthwatering pizza with replacements for wheat including

rice flour



Now You will see all the list of ingredients They use in Their  pizzas. Whenever you decide to order, You will have something special for you. 

gluten-free pizza crusts are an excellent treat for your weeknight dinner


Authentic Gluten-Free Pizza in Town- Sterling Heights, MI

You can get a super, a new Margherita, BLT special, Meat Lovers and Veggie special all available in a variety of sizes such as small, medium and large.

All these variations have the same great taste but different toppings among them cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives, tomatoes, oregano, ham, and bacon.

chefs invest a great effort into preparing the gluten-free pizza according to the highest standards.

Reduce Your Allergic Reactions

Gluten causes a severe reaction in people with celiac disease. This reaction damages the walls of the intestines causing pain and vomiting. Nona’s Gluten-free pizza will allow you to avoid these reactions, and still, enjoy a good pizza. Our pizzas are free of yeast, wheat, and other gluten-laden foods.

Easy Digestion

You might have that case of gluten sensitivity, you never know. Studies show that many are living with un-diagnosed cases of gluten sensitivity. You are guaranteed better digestion with zero stomach upsets after trying  gluten-free pizza crusts.

gluten-free pizzas are not a guilty pleasure. No, they are super-healthy. You get a chance to enjoy a whole grain meal. Ingredients like




Used in the baking are super foods themselves.

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust For Autistic kids

The gluten-free pizza crust is one of the meals you can try for your autistic child. It is common knowledge that many autistic kids have digestive issues. Gluten-free pizza can help alleviate these symptoms.

Instead of feeding your autistic child ordinary dough pizza, try gluten-free pizza crust. It is a comfortable option.


You Can Drop A Few Pounds

Apart from keeping your allergic reactions at bay,  gluten-free pizza will help to keep your weight in check.

Whole grain meals pack fewer calories and are rich in fibers that help to speed up metabolism. you can indulge in a tasty gluten-free pizza and not have to worry about adding weight.

All your cravings and a raging appetite will fizzle.


Carefully Prepared Pizza Crust

Chefs go through a painstaking process of finding gluten-free ingredients, but it is all a labor of love. During preparation, they ensure that gluten ingredients or utensils do not contaminate these ingredients.

All this effort is to enable you to get an authentic gluten-free pizza.

Vegan or meat lover, drop by Gluten Free  pizzeria in Sterling Heights, Michigan today to have a treat of  gluten-free pizzas. Most of the places we chose have  also do home deliveries in Sterling Heights and Clinton Township



You have better places in mind please let us know what is your thoughts ? 



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