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Are you looking for “iPad repair near me”, “iPad Repair Sterling Heights” or an expert iPad Repair Store serving Michigan area?

Well, search no more! Welcome to Batteries Shack iPad repair services, your local iPad repair store, for residents of Sterling Heights and Detroit city in Michigan.

At Batteries Shack, we are a team of iPad repair experts that values you, the customers.

We will go the extra mile to ensure any concerns and queries are attended to before we get working on your iPad.

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 Our iPad Repair services & Their Fixes


The Batteries Shack iPad repair technicians are highly trained and friendly geeks who will correctly diagnose the problems of your iPad and effectively repair them.

We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and 100% customer satisfaction.

We are the friendliest tech geeks you will ever work with.


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Location: Just South Of Hall Rd/M59 On The East Side Of Mound Cross The Street From Walmart . Batteries Shack land marked in sterling heights but on the edge of Shelby township / Utica, Mi.



As a local iPad repair services provider, we trust the work we do fully.

That is why our iPad repair services are warranty protected.

We guarantee that your iPad will not have further issues on problems that our technicians addressed.

However, you are always covered should any additional issues arise. Just bring your iPad back, and we will have a look at it again.

But we promise you that the probability of that happening is nearly impossible.



The Most Common iPad Repair Problems


 iPad Cracked Screen Repair

 iPad Freezing Screen Repair

➤ iPad Charging Port Repair

➤ iPad Power Button Repair

 iPad Battery Replacement 

➤ iPad Software Problems Repair

➤ iPad Headphone Jack Repair

 iPad Models That We Services Learn More Here 


Why Choose US 

Now that you have detailed information on the iPad repair services we offer and the iPad gadgets that we work with, is it enough to seal the deal and have you visit our iPad repair store?

If not here are three solid reasons why you should choose the technicians at Batteries Shack to handle your next iPad repair. Learn More Here



Repair Your Apple iPad Today at Batteries Shack Sterling Heights 

iPad Cracked Screen Repair

Isn’t it time you stopped risking cutting fingers with your cracked iPad screen? Walk into our iPad repair store today and have your cracked screen repaired. And depending on the extent of damage, we can even have your cracked iPad screen repair job done on the same day.

1- Cracked Screens


iPad Screen Repair at batteries shack

Cracked screens are one of the most common repairs we handle in our iPad Repair Sterling Heights store.

So, we have perfected our skills in iPad screen repairs over the years.

We use high-quality parts and result-guaranteed repair processes to get your iPad screen back to its tip-top shape,

just as it was brand new. Let’s get your cracked iPad screen repaired today.


2- iPad Freezing Screen Repair

iPad touch screen ghosting fix at batteries shack

There is nothing as frustrating as your iPad screen freezing on you. Or having your iPad screen stay black when you turn it on.

This could happen to you at some of the worst possible times. Therefore, it is important to have some basic skills on what to do when your iPad screen freezes.


However, sometimes the do-it-yourself options of unfreezing an iPad screen may fail to work.

That is where our expert iPad repair services come in handy. For residents in Sterling Heights and Detroit City,

you can pop into our iPad repair store and have your freezing screen repair done fast and at an affordable rate.

Getting you back to your schedule as soon as possible is our priority.

iPad Charging Port Repair

iPad charging port fix at batteries shack

Charging issues may render your iPad useless. You, therefore, need to address them as soon as they begin to show.

Is your charging dock broken? Does your charging cable refuse to connect properly to your iPad?

Or is your iPad not charging at all and you can’t tell why? If yes,? then you need professional iPad repair services ASAP.

The repair technicians in our iPad repair store will effectively resolve the charging port issues to ensure your iPad gives you proper service as it should.

iPad Power Button Repair

iPad no power fix at batteries shack

How do you use your iPad when your power button stops working? It’s technically hard, right? At least not until the power button problem is addressed.  The Power button can easily get damaged and stop working.



It could be because of solid or liquid matter that has made its way underneath the gaskets of the button or a plethora of other mechanical issues.

But when the power button stops working, you’ll need immediate repair services.

And that is why having a reliable local iPad repair store that you can reach out to is important.

Pay us a visit any day of the week, and our technicians will have your power button working, fast.

iPad Battery Replacement

iPad Battery Replacement at batteries shack

Are you plugging in your iPad to charge more frequently than you used to when it was new?

If so, then it is probably time you have your battery replaced. Just like any electronic, iPads are susceptible to wearing off with time, and this can be experienced in the form of the battery wearing out.

Even when you implement tips on maximizing the battery life and lifespan of your iPad battery, at some point, you will need to have it replaced.



You don’t have to continue working with a battery that drains out fast.

Our iPad repair experts can handle your iPad battery replacement in no time and have your iPad functioning just like it used to when it was new. visit your nearest battery store today.

iPad Software Problems Repair

What do you do when your iPad is acting up? Well, you’ll probably first try basic iPad troubleshooting to see if you can fix the problem on your own. But when that fails too, what do you do? Often,

iPad user will search for iPad repair near me to get the closest shop they can get help. That is how you probably came across our iPad repair store. And yes, we can figure out what the problem with your iPad is and fix it.

iPad software problems

Our diagnostic service includes a thorough evaluation of your iPad’s software to correctly identify what issues are causing you iPad to act up.

This is usually the hardest part. But once we have established that the problem lies in your software, we will resolve it effectively and get a fully functioning iPad back to you.

If you are experiencing any software malfunctions, visit the Batteries Shack store in Sterling Heights today for a full diagnostic on your iPad.


iPad Headphone Jack Repair

iPad Head phone jack repair, headphone jack stock in ipad fix at batteries shack

The more you use your headphone jack on your iPad the more it becomes susceptible to damage.

But that does not mean that you have to limit your use of headphones. No.

It just means that when damage does occur, you should not feel overwhelmed. It is a minor problem that can be fixed in our iPad repair shop very fast.



Whether it is your headphone jack that is broken or you keep hearing static noise in your earbuds,

we will make the necessary repairs. And have you enjoying great sound once again.

What iPad Models Do We Repair?

When we said we have the skills and expertise to work with and repair all iPad gadgets, we were serious. But for extra emphasis, here is a list of all the iPad makes ad models that we specialize in:

iPad Pro


  • 1- iPad Pro 9.5
  • 2- iPad Pro 10.5
  • 3- iPad Pro 12.9

iPad Air


  •  iPad Air 1st Generation
  •  iPad Air 2 Generation
  • iPad 5Th Generation
  • iPad 6Th Generation

iPad Mini


  •  iPad mini 1st Generation
  •  iPad mini 2,3,4 Generation
    • iPad 2SC  Generation
    • iPad 3RD Generation
    • iPad 4TH Generation

          Get Your iPad Repaired By Professionals.


          • Expertise & Experience



        We have the expertise and capacity to work on every iPad gadget out there.

        When it comes to expertise in working with iPad, it is not a guessing game for us.

        We are a team of technicians who are gurus in the field of electronics and repairs.



        We are also a curious bunch of geeks who’re constantly learning; therefore, you can be assured if there is a new and better technology out there for fixing your iPad problems, we know about it. There has never been an iPad repair job too complex for us to handle.


           • Assured Quality




        Quality is not a bargain; it is a guarantee.

        At Batteries Shack, we are reputable for selling only genuine products.

        And this is no different when it comes to the parts we use for our iPad repair service.

        By using high-grade parts coupled with our expert skills, you can expect the best quality iPad repair Sterling Heights, Michigan area.


           • Fast Repairs



        We will have your iPad repair requests completed in the shortest turnaround time possible.

        And we will not compromise on quality. Our speed is thanks to our vast experience which has enabled us to perfect the art of carrying out efficient and effective iPad repairs.


        Looking for Reliable iPad Repair Near Me, Visit Our Store Today!

        Should your iPad require repair services that will take more than one working day, we will constantly inform you of the daily progress made until your iPad is ready for pick up.

        Our goal is to ensure that all our clients receive satisfactory repair services and leave our iPad Repair store in Sterling Heights happy about their experience. contact us today.

        44478 Mound Rd, Sterling Heights, Mi, 48314

        Frequently Asked Questions

        I have a cracked iPad screen, will that be repaired?

        Yes we can fix it and we can even screen protector or tempered glass with new screen installation

        I have an iPad that needs repair. What are the services you offer?

        Screen, battery, charging port, ios update, lcd replacement

        My iPad is freezing up, what can I do?

        iPad could freeze  if your storage is full, or battery getting too hot or touch screen not responding or battery battery. Try to restore your i

        I have an iPad that I can't use because the battery is not holding a charge anymore. Can you help?

        Yes most of the ipad battery replacement will be fixed the same day.

        I have an iPad that I can't use because the power button is broken. Can you help me?

        Yes this type of repair requires removing the screen and getting to the circuit board the button could be broken from the board or we could diagnose the frame of the ipad if the ipad frame bent from the home button side it will make the button not clickable

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