How to Fix Shattered iPhone Screens

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iPhone Repair Near MeOwning an iPhone is not a hobby but a lifestyle choice, as this device is a loyal companion that can assist you in numerous aspects of life. Unfortunately, any form of damage or malfunction – be it a cracked screen or technical issues – can be detrimental not only to your iPhone but also to your day. This is where Batteries Shack comes in!

As the leading provider of iPhone repair to Metro Detroit area residents, we are dedicated to offering quality solutions for all iPhone models. Our skilled and certified technicians specialize in providing fast, convenient, and affordable repair services using only the highest quality parts to get your day back on track in no time. Our services include:

Dock Connector Replacement & Repair

If your iPhone is not charging properly or is not recognized by iTunes, your dock connector may need to be repaired or replaced. You can rely on our experts to run a comprehensive diagnostics test and promptly resolve the problem, even if it means completely replacing the lower dock connector. We then extensively test your phone to ensure that everything is working properly.

Glass/LCD Replacement

Shattered iPhone screens just got a lot easier to fix, thanks to Batteries Shack. We will replace all the necessary components with the highest quality parts available on the market and at a price that you can afford. We work quickly and efficiently, and we ensure that the screen’s function has been restored to perfection before returning your iPhone to you.

Home Button Flex Cable Repair

If your home button is not working properly, do not panic – our repair team is here for you! Our experts will replace the home button flex cable with an OEM unit to restore your home button’s functionality along with your total peace of mind.

Our Other Common iPhone Repair Services:

  • Digitizer repair/replacement
  • Back plate repair
  • Home button repair/replacement
  • Front camera repair/replacement
  • Back camera repair/replacement
  • Speakers repair/replacement
  • Battery repair/replacement
  • Jail Breaking

Why allow a setback of any scale interfere with your busy lifestyle when you can work with Batteries Shack on any and all of your iPhone repair needs? Our team brings to you advanced knowledge and extensive experience for sophisticated yet affordable solutions every time. In fact, we make sure that your phone looks as good as the day you bought it!

When you seek fast and efficient iPhone repair in Sterling Heights or elsewhere in the Metro Detroit area, please do not hesitate to call or email us today. Or, better yet, step into our store and our team will be happy to provide you and your iPhone with immediate assistance.


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