Deka battery Dealers and Where to Buy in Michigan .

Looking for deka battery dealers in Michigan ?.. batteries shack has full stock of deka batteries and the full line of deka car batteries. all of our batteries are manufactured and dated same year of purchase.of course we keep all batteries fully charged all the time and rotated buy deka driver .  and all battery acid checked once every month . 

Why deka batteries :

  • One of the best batteries has been tested in our retail store.
  • Made in america batteries. why not get the best !.
  • Accurate readying throw  (CCA) cold cracking amp and (RC) reserved capacity testing.
  • Offering multi grades for car/auto batteries.
  • Deka battery is dependable and can preform in very hot and cold weather.


Deka Marine Master Batteries Dealer

Deka offers 3 group, 3 models of marine batteries:  featuring size 24 – 27 -31 including  starting – deep cycle – dual purpose.


Starting Engine – Very High Cold Cranking Amp Battery

  • High power 12 Volt battery
  • Heavy duty plastic casing 
  • Maintenance free
  • Extremely reserved capacity for crisis situation
  • Heavy duty lead post
  • Part Number 24M7 , 27M6


Fully Deep Cycle – All Weather Battery

  • Ass-kicking power for trolling and electronic accessories .
  • Safety protection against deep discharge .
  • rough vibration protection against  resistance movements .     
  • Reliable power for long lasting . 
  • Part Number DC 24, Dc 27, DC31DT, 8A24m, 8A27M, 8A31DTM .


Dual Purpose – Starting plus deep cycle  Battery

  • Capability for engine cranking plus accessories or trolling .
  • Extended cycling then starting .
  • heavers plates to handle for extra power
  • Part Number DP24 , DP27, DP31Dt

Still looking for Deka battery Dealers in Michigan area? look no further , save time and money with batteries shack of sterling heights, we have marine deep cycle, intimidator stock all the time ready for our walking customers, batteries shack supplies government office, industrial warehouse’s plus many  other building and public customers .

Why Batteries Shack

East Pen manufacture have approved batteries shack to become deka battery dealers in Michigan,  stocking full line of deka batteries. not every retail shop can become deka battery dealers in Michigan , every store or supplier must sale minimum of 500 batteries to qualify on deka battery dealer in Michigan.


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