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Batteries Shack is a Deka Batteries dealer, located in Sterling Heights, MI.  We carry a full line of Deka car and marine batteries. All of our batteries are fresh (manufactured and dated in the same year of purchase) and fully charged. We rotate our inventory frequently, and check the battery acid levels monthly.

Why Deka Batteries?

Power output

Deka batteries put out a lot of power relative to their weight. They are lightweight batteries. Even a couple of pounds can make a great deal of difference to something like a jet ski, both in the jet ski’s performance and the battery life.

Recharging Speed

Deka batteries charge fast. That matters when you want to get out and have some fun. And if you use your Deka batteries every day, like to power your motorcycle, then you’ll want something that will be ready to go after charging overnight.

Several versions of Deka batteries even take off-season storage into account. They do this by making sure they offer low discharge rates, which means they won’t degrade as quickly when not in use. We still recommend checking on them periodically in the off-season and topping them off to keep them at peak performance later.

Performance and Reliability

Deka batteries perform very well, offering smooth, reliable power. They’re dependable, and perform well in very hot and very cold weather (yes, even Michigan cold). They also tend to last longer than many other brands on the market today. We can’t recall any customer ever returning one of these batteries as defective.

Deka batteries also offer superior vibration resistance, which makes them perfect for high-power sports applications.


Deka offers both AGM and gel-type batteries. Both these battery types are leak-free and maintenance free options. All you need to do is pay attention to the charging recommendations. If you charge them as soon as they reach 50% power or so and let them get all the way up to 100% power before taking them off the charger they will continue to perform day after day. 

Widely Compatible

Deka batteries are compatible with most major brands, particularly brands of boats, jet skis, ATVs, and motorcycles. Deka also makes batteries for every purpose. Need a starting battery and a deep-cycle battery for your boat? You can find both varieties. They make dual-purpose batteries too, for those who are willing to sacrifice a bit of power for the sake of convenience.

Made in the USA

Deka batteries are made by the East Penn Manufacturing company right here in America. Choosing Deka batteries means supporting American jobs.

Socially Responsible

Most of the Deka batteries we sell are environmentally friendly because they’re 100% recyclable. The East Penn Manufacturing Company runs an environmentally sound operation as well. They received the Honda 2015 Green Excellence Recognition in the area of Energy Reduction at the 2015 Sustainability Symposium.

By the way, we do recycle here at Batteries Shack. Just bring your old ones and we’ll make sure they’re handled properly.

Deka Marine Batteries

Deka offers 3 groups and 3 models of marine batteries:   sizes 24, 27, and 31, and starting-eingine, deep-cycle, and dual-purpose.

Starting Engine Batteries: very high cold cranking amp battery

  • High-power 12-volt battery
  • Heavy-duty plastic casing 
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extremely reserved capacity for crisis situations
  • Heavy-duty lead post
  • Part Number 24M7 , 27M6

Fully Deep Cycle Batteries: for all weather

  • Superior power for trolling and electronic accessories 
  • Safety protection against deep discharge
  • Rough vibration protection against resistance movements
  • Reliable power for long-lasting use
  • Part Numbers DC 24, Dc 27, DC31DT, 8A24m, 8A27M, 8A31DTM .

Dual Purpose Batteries: starting plus deep-cycle

  • Capability for engine cranking plus accessories for trolling
  • Extended cycling and starting
  • Part Number DP24 , DP27, DP31Dt

For fresh, reliable Deka Batteries, call or visit Batteries Shack in Sterling Heights

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