Lets Give You Little Story About Us If  You Search For Battery Store or iPhone Repair – Near Me Make Sure You Check Us Out

The team have been working hard to gain the success to make you the best battery store holds among the largest in the business. Batteries Shack hold values toward you to provide the best customer service possible. iPhone Repair Near me , Battery store near me. sterling heights, mi.

Doing so  by making most battery needs accessible such as household, commercial and industrial batteries available to you.


We Continue To Expand Our Battery Store Collection Which Currently Contains:

 To learn more about batteries we carry visit our home page here.

Batteries for  Atv Motorcycle Scooter Car – Truck –  Auto Power Sports – Marine Cell PhoneWheel ChairWatch Water craft jet ski – Etc

95 Percent of our batteries are made in usa such Deka Deep Cycle and Deka AGM

Also Expanded Our Store By Opening Up  Electronic Repair Center Near You

Some times you are on your iPhone and out of no where you phone slipped out of your hand. Yes What would you do next ? i have answer for you, you will be going on google looking for the following search

  • iPhone repair near me or maybe iPhone repair nearby.
  • iPhone repair shop near me.

What if you doing your home work and your computer crash and never work again and give you all kind of problems . What would yo do next ? You will start searching again. 

  • Computer Repair Shop
  • local PC repair

Allow us to make it easy for you demand on batteries keep on growing year after year, you walk in to batteries shack asking for battery we diagnoses your device it turns out the problem is not from the battery, your device not working. WE FELT HELP LESS .


Next Time You search for iPhone Repair Near Me or Battery Store Near Me, Take Look at Batteries Shack

Many year of experience of battery knowledge and fixing electronics, customers call us advanced battery. Why ?  Let me start by saying we love the name , you walk in to our battery store and ask us anything i mean anything about batteries i guarantee you we have answer for your and it’s the perfect answer .

  1. we will listen to your problem first.
  2. we will educate you.
  3. give you options.
  4. provide recommendation.

Our goal is not to steal your money and never see you again, if we figure you don’t need battery or repair and you have small problem and we can fix it for free. our team will provide that service for you .

battery store near me, iPhone repair near me
Batteries Pricing plus installation if you searching for battery store near me.                           The most selling battery that goes our of the shelf is car / truck batteries  Really ? Why ?    Best Pricing around sterling heights Michigan area , keeping all batteries fully charged, the longest warranty then any auto parts or battery store. free automobile battery testing and installation . long story short give us chance and next time you searching for battery store near me click on batteries shack of sterling heights and contact us or call at 586-580-2893. and let us do what we good at.  


Providing the best customer service and that’s promise. why ?

We want always to come back to us in good or bad way 😉 hopefully always in good way.  our team will walk the extra mile to help you out and if you are not happy with any battery product or devices repair service promising your money back guaranteed.

Pricing like you never seeing before on iPhone Repair near me. How ? 

Our team fix all kind of electronics such iPad, Tablet, Apple iPhone and video game consoles . we believe if we offer you the best price in town you will always come back to us . we believe in serving volume amount of customers and charge small price better then charging big money and little customers . 

You can always check out our customer reviews about iPhone repair near me or battery store near me here .  Google Reviews – Yelp Reviews – Batteriesshack.com Reviews.



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