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If you’re like most people, you probably rely on your electronics to keep you connected, entertained and informed. But just like any other piece of equipment, your electronics can start to malfunction when they’re not treated properly. That’s why it’s important to get your electronics repaired as soon as possible. Here at Batteriesshack, we have a wide range of repairs that we can perform on all types of electronics. From battery replacements to laptop repairs and even cell phone repairs, we have a solution for whatever type of repair you need. Give us a call today and let us help you get your electronics back up and running!

There are many factors to consider when purchasing batteries for your electronics. You’ll want to think about the device’s usage, how often you expect to use the battery, and what type of battery it is.

There are a wide variety of batteries at our store – from car batteries to cell phone batteries to household batteries. We don’t just sell batteries, we help you find the right one, install it, clean the terminals for free, and tell you how to maintain it for maximum performance and life.

If your device needs frequent recharging, look for a battery with a higher mAh rating. Higher mAh ratings indicate that the battery can hold morepower and charge faster. And if you’re in doubt about which type of battery will work best for your device, ask an expert at your local electronics store or online retailer.

BatteriesShack offers a wide range of replacement batteries to meet your power needs. Our selection of batteries includes alkaline, lithium, rechargeable, and more. Whether you need a battery for your watch, camera, laptop, or other electronic device, we have the perfect replacement battery for you. Our batteries are all of the highest quality, so you can be sure you’re getting the best product for your money. We also offer battery chargers and power banks for those times when you need an extra boost of power. Shop BatteriesShack for the most reliable replacement batteries to keep your electronics running smoothly.

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We Carry Deka and Trojan Batteries

Why choose Batteriesshack,Sterling Heights, Mi?

If you’re like most people, you have a bunch of batteries scattered around your home – chargers, flashlights, remote controls, and more. But what if you didn’t have to? Batterieshack is the solution for you!

Batterieshack offers various batteries in sterling heights to cater all your needs and help your devices come back to life. By bringing together battery holders, recyclers, and repair facilities in one place, we make it easy for everyone to get the help they need.

Specialists in batteries and electronics

Our aisles are stacked with batteries big and small, common and hard-to-find. Our battery store has pretty much every kind of household, automotive, or specialty battery. The only things our batteries have in common is that they’re safe, durable, fresh, well-stored, and not knock-off brands.

We repair all kinds of electronics – not just phones

We can repair your device because we’ve performed just about every kind of repair on just about every device you can shake a stick at. We offer our expertise in Cell phone, Game console, Laptops and much more!

We are the particle that your battery needs

If your battery requires installation that’s even a little involved – like a car battery – we’ll install it for free and give you a free terminal cleaning. and that is one of the big reasons that you need to come to see our replacement battery store now.

We work with some of the best electronics repair facilities in the country to help your devices come back to life. From iPhones and iPads to gaming consoles and laptops, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our prices are unbeatable – so don’t waste any more time searching for a better deal. Come join us at Batterieshack today!

Batteries and electronics may sound like commodities. They’re everywhere. How hard can it be to get the right battery or to get your device fixed?

Harder than you’d think. Because battery-powered devices and electronics are so woven into daily life, a LOT has to function perfectly every day, or your lifestyle grinds to a halt. So many parts can wear out or malfunction at any time.

Batteries Shack / Battery dealer is the place you go when you don’t want your technology to fail you.

As you’d guess, we carry just about every kind of battery you’ll ever need – from car batteries to cell phone batteries to household batteries (even golf cart batteries). But we don’t “just sell batteries.”  We’ll also help you pick out the best battery, and we’ll help you install it, and clean the terminals for free, and tell you how to maintain it for maximum life and performance.

Batteries nearby We do much more than batteries, too. You can come to us with a broken phone or iPad or laptop, or a video game console that won’t work, and we’ll repair it and get you back into action.

You count on your technology. Your technology can count on Batteries Shack. We give you a level of expertise and service you can’t get at a big-box retailer or at a local phone-repair company. batteries near my location How do we do it?  Here are a few big differences between Batteries Shack and just about everyone else in the batteries and electronics space:

Difference 1: We listen to your needs and offer expertise

When you walk into Batteries Shack, we’ll ask you what you’re looking for, exactly. If you need a device repaired, we’ll offer you a free, no-obligation diagnosis (more on that in a minute). If you need a battery, we’ll ask you for the exact model you want. here you can find batteries close to me Chances are we have it in stock. We’ll ask you about your needs and specifications so that we can suggest a few options for you to consider. We might ask questions like:

  • – Is the battery for gas, diesel, or electric equipment?
  • – Did your battery die, or do you just want to upgrade to a better battery?
  • – Would you like flooded, AGM, gel, or lithium-ion?  (We can explain the differences as much as you’d like.)
  • – If you’re buying a car battery, what cold cranking amp rating and capacity are you looking for?  (Here too, we can explain and offer suggestions as needed.)

When you looking for batteries near me for sale , We don’t just hand you a battery and send you home. We use our experience and expertise to help you pick the single best battery for your specific needs. Our goal is for you not to need to return to Battery Shack for a good long time.

Difference 2: Our selection of batteries is better because we’re specialists in batteries and electronics

At AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, a battery has to compete with jumper cables and cup-holders for shelf space. At Walmart or Costco the batteries have to share the floor with dog food and diapers, so the “Batteries” department can’t be too comprehensive.

So some times you be wondering where to get batteries near me fresh, fully charged and ready to go  At Batteries Shack because we made our name in batteries, our aisles are stacked with batteries big and small, common and hard-to-find. our battery store has pretty much every kind of household, automotive, or specialty battery. The only things our batteries have in common is that they’re safe, durable, fresh, well-stored, and not knock-off brands.

Difference 3: We actually have the batteries IN our store

Many sellers and stores boast of a large inventory, but always seem to run out of common batteries, or need to special-order the one battery you’re looking for. Either way, you don’t get the battery you need for days or weeks (if you get it at all).

Batteries Shack takes pains to keep 99.5% of our listed inventory in our store, on our shelves, fresh and well-stored, ready for when you need it. affordable cheap batteries near me we have you covered with the most affordable batteries near you.

Difference 4: We don’t carry knock-off brands

The biggest problem with trying to batteries online (particularly on Amazon or eBay) is you’re often sold a knock-off brand. Even if you try to avoid the inferior imitation brands, sometimes the seller will send you a knock-off anyway, hoping you won’t notice.

The results range from disappointing to dangerous. Most sellers on Amazon and eBay don’t list an expiration date on batteries. Or they don’t show a picture of the battery package. They may say the battery is “equivalent to” the brand you actually want, and the battery may look similar and list similar specs. You won’t know the difference until the battery explodes, catches fire while charging, damages your circuit board, or dies when you really don’t want it to die.

We only carry major brands of batteries, all made in the USA. On paper, they may look more expensive than the knock-offs, but in the long run, they are many times less expensive because they last longer and don’t damage your equipment (or cause you injury).

We even carry disposal alkaline batteries if you in rush and in need of batteries disposal near me, we have it all locally. We can also do battery repair if you need battery the need to get fixed visit our battery warehouse near you we will have a battery replacement for you.

Difference 5: Our batteries are fresh

Too often, buying batteries online or at a big-box retailer is like buying sushi at the gas station. The lack of freshness probably won’t kill you, but it may cause unexpected problems.

Because people come from all over Michigan to get the right batteries at Batteries Shack battery store around me, nothing sits on the shelf for too long. We rotate our inventory every six months – and sometimes even more frequently.

Difference 6: Our prices are still lower

Batteries near us For the same reason that our batteries are fresher, they’re also less expensive. Because we provide many Michiganders with batteries, suppliers give us reasonable deals. Also, because our store is smaller than a football field, we have lower overhead. They’re not necessarily cheap, but they’re not ridiculously marked-up the way they are at big-box retailers or at automotive stores. batteries for vehicles get it here at your battery retailer.

Difference 7: We help you install your batteries battery store in my area

The only thing worse than a battery dying on you is not being able to install the battery you need. If your battery requires installation that’s even a little involved – like a car battery – we’ll install it for free and give you a free terminal cleaning. and that is one of the big reasons that you need to come to see our replacement battery store now and see our open hours we are battery store and more.

Why Choose Batteries Shack for Phone Repair and Electronics Repair?

Why should you take your device to a place called Batteries Shack?  It sounds like we only offer batteries, right?

We liked how the name sounded, but it doesn’t really convey how experienced and good we are at fixing electronics.

Most phone-repair / electronics-repair “professionals” want to repair your device as many times as possible.  They may fix the immediate problem (or maybe they won’t), but then another problem will pop up, and you’ll have to bring your device back.  Each visit may seem inexpensive, but those repeated repairs add up.  (And you’re without your device for longer.)

The big reason to take your phone or other device to Batteries Shack is that our goal is to fix it once and fix it for good.  If we never see that same phone or device again, we consider it “mission accomplished.”  We want you to be so happy with our repair services that you come to us for your other electronics needs, and maybe tell a friend.

Whether your malfunctioning device is your phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a video game console (or other electronics – the list goes on), you can take it to Batteries Shack to get it fixed – not just “serviced.”

If that’s all you needed to know, please give us a call or visit us with your device.

Otherwise, just read on to see a few other reasons we can fix your electronics better than a typical phone/electronics repair company can.


Difference: We don’t push our repair services on you, because that’s not all we offer

Most phone/laptop/electronics repair “professionals” are a little slippery. They’re like dishonest car mechanics who got figured out and needed to get into a new line of work. They charge for the diagnosis, and of course for the repairs, and always seem to find something else wrong with your device, causing you to pay more than the estimate.

We at Batteries Shack are battery experts because we’re obsessed with all electronics. Whether you need your phone, laptop, video game console, or other unit repaired, we can do it. But unlike companies that only offer repairs, everyone who works here will still make a good living even if you don’t need us to make major repairs, or any repairs at all. The result is we don’t pressure you.


Difference: We share knowledge, never keep you in the dark, and insist that you know all your options

Most phone-repair and electronics-repair companies take a “bill first, ask questions later approach.”  Not Batteries Shack.

If you bring us your broken or malfunctioning phone or other device, we’ll figure out what’s wrong with it for free, often right on the spot.  We’ll tell you exactly what we found. If we think it will be an easy fix, we’ll let you know. If it needs major surgery, we’ll tell you so you can weigh your options.


Difference: We repair all kinds of electronics – not just phones

We can repair your device because we’ve performed just about every kind of repair on just about every device you can shake a stick at.

iPhones we repair include: iPhone 6 and 6+, iPhone 7 and 7+, iPhone 8 and 8+, and iPhone X.  We also repair all models of Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG phones.  We repair broken phone screens, charging ports, LCDs, and digitizers and speakers.  We can replace your phone’s battery, of course.

We repair tablets and phablets, including Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, Asus, Acer, and LG.  We can replace the screen, replace the battery, fix the charging port, and do any other tablet repair you may need.

Need your video game console repaired?  Good repair services are even harder to find, but Batteries Shack has you covered.  We can fix your Sony PlayStation (PS4, PS3, etc.), your Xbox One, Xbox S, Nintendo Wii U, Wii, or pretty much any other console.  Common repairs we do include Wii U gamepad screen replacement, hard drive repair, Blu-ray drive repair, power supply fix, CD player repair, HDMI port-related problems, battery replacement, and restoring picture and/or sound.

Buy Batteries and get your electronics repaired

Technology is incredible, and it’s amazing how it has shaped our lives. But as wonderful as technology is, there are also some downsides. One of these downsides is the fact that batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis. But don’t worry – there are ways to get your electronics fixed even if you can’t find the time or money to replace batteries yourself. In this article, we will provide tips on how to buy batteries and get them repaired when necessary. So whether you’re short on time or just want to be sure you’re getting the best deals, read on for tips on getting your electronics fixed. Refer to our blogs for more information.



Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Batteriesshack is a battery and electronic repair service. We offer a wide variety of batteries and electronic repairs, including laptop and tablet batteries, digital camera batteries, speaker batteries, ATV and Quad batteries and more. We are a professional battery and electronic repair service that provides quality workmanship at a fair price. We offer fast turnaround times and competitive prices to help you get your device back up and running as soon as possible.


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