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Looking for a battery supplies store you can trust? Look no further!

Batteries Shack was established in 2013. We have worked hard to gain the success our battery store holds among the largest in the business. We hold values that are centered towards our customers to provide the best service. We do so by making most of battery needs accessible such as household, commercial and industrial.

We continue to expand our collection which currently contains:

  • cell phones and cordless phone batteries
  • camera/camcorder batteries
  • laptop and net books batteries
  • car and truck batteries
  • marine and boat batteries
  • automotive batteries
  • motorcycle batteries
  • ATV batteries
  • and more!


We have also expanded our store by opening up a electronic repair center. The repair center withholds experienced professional technicians that are able to solve and fix most of electronic device problems.

Services offered include:

  • iPad repair
  • cell phone repair
  • iPhone repair
  • computer repair
  • video game consoles repair
  • and many more!
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